Friday, March 27, 2009

"Orange Choc Dragonfly"
60cm x 60cm acrylic painting

A close up photo showing some textured detail on painting

This is another painting I have hanging in my home - also painted with only a few colours used (white, shades of brown, gold) and the design of the dragonfly has been changed. I am constantly trying new things, new shapes and designs, and if the painting works for me, then I will do other variations of it in different colours. Everything I paint comes from my imagination - basically, the way I imagine the painting in my mind, that is what I paint from. Once again, I have used texture to emphasise the dragonfly's body as well as the wings, a must for my paintings.


  1. Hi Val, I followed the link from Vesna's blog. I admire her work very much and see that the talent runs in the family.
    Wonderful interpretation, I love the colors as they draw me right into your painting.

  2. Hi there, thanks so much for talking the time to look at my 'new' blog - your words are very heart warming to me - I have had a look at your blog - your tallent is mind boggling - your artwork is amazing, so full of detail, so life like, just gorgeous - Cheers Val