Friday, March 27, 2009

"A Perfect Rose" SOLD
20cm x 25 acrylic painting

This is one of my latest paintings -totally different from the norm, for me, I wanted to try painting on a much smaller scale and this canvas is small compared to the ones I usually "splash" paint on - and of course, I could not 'not' put lots of gold texture on this painting - its an absolute must.


  1. OK..when you are in e-bay inside your painting, in the top google seach bar, copy and paste the whole thing/line and than just paste it in here, but leave it as a clean line, so that we can once again copy the whole line into our google search bar, and that will automatically open your e-bay painting up for us-cheers!!!

  2. ahoy there! Works are coming along nicely Val, getting a real 3 dimensional look. I like your folky roses! Hope things are going good with the chicks up in Bacchus!

  3. Hi Jade, things all good here (holidays in May, going to Hamilton Island and Port Doughlas for 2 weeks - cant wait) - painting still, just a little bit at the moment, taking a break - ckicks good and growing - hope you and Vlads are doing well, say hi to bro. Cheers Vanja

  4. This is a very nice painting, I like the texture.

  5. Hi Vania! Thank you so much for your comment on my painting!!! How nice to hear such kind words from someone who is so talented! Your art is so unique and beautiful! I love your blog! I am looking foward to seeing what you create next!
    HAPPY DAY!!!