Friday, March 27, 2009

75cm x 100cm acrylic painting

Close up showing detail

This painting is one which I did for my own home, proudly displayed in my hallway - it is done in colours which match my home - mostly dark wood and creams and greens. Yet again, there is a lot of texture on this painting (perhaps hard to see from photo) - hope you like this one, cheers, Val


  1. Val, I'm so glad you came by my bloggy and said hello! Your work is amazing - what inspires you? Your texture really draws in the eye and you've achieved so much beauty with a limited range of colors.
    sending hugs to you from Texas!

  2. Hi Nancy, you are very kind, thank you for looking at my artwork. My inspiration is the beauty I see in Mother Nature and the need to create/paint beauty (the way I see it in my mind) - paintin for me is a great outlet for a very vivid imagination lol... and yes, lots of texture on my paintings, I am in love with texture - my paintings aren't complete without it.
    Thank you once again for taking the time to read my blog, it is still very new and I must add more paintings to it when I get a chance. HUGGZZZZ Val