Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Dream Garden" - she is finished...

...or, at least I think she is finished - who knows, I may decide to make a few changes before I varnish the painting.

Mixed media painting 30cm x 40cm - I painted this painting all yesterday and well into the night - probably the longest time it has ever taken me to finish a painting.
What do you think...cheers all, Val


  1. Oh Wow...this is really really nice !!!
    You should do well with these !!!

  2. Hi Ves, thanks, i hope these are appealing to the eBay crowd - I will be listing this one later today. Cheers Val

  3. Hi Val! She is lovely! Your time was well worth it!

    Creative Blessings,
    Lisa :)

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  5. Hi Lisa, thank you so much for your lovely comments - much appreciated, cheers Val :)

  6. Hi Val, this is great, I love her eyes there is like a sadness in them, like she is missing or longing for something. The sides of the canvas are fabulous too - you should make a portfolio of this series and enquire in appropriate galleries! Hey I reckon this would rock done extra large! Keep em up buddy. Vlad reckons 'she's gettin good' I always told him you'd outdo us all!

  7. Oh Jade and Vlads, you are too bloody sweet - she's getting good does not mean outdoing anyone - shuks - just having fun - yeah she is a bit sad looking, but thats good, I am glad I captured some kind of emotion - and hay extra large canvas sounds good, might just get organised for that. Love yas, Val

  8. Hi Val! Thank you for joining my giveaway! That is so nice of you! I LOVE your painting and the colors. Is that wire on your painting? If so I LOVE it......I love all the texture.
    Thanks again!!!
    HAPPY DAY!!!

  9. Hi Nina, thanks for your great comments - its not wire, it just looks like it - in fact it is gold acrylic paint - you giveaway is mad, fingers crossed - cheers, all the best, Val :)