Thursday, April 16, 2009

"My Thoughs Flying" - 30cm x 30cm x 4cm

Well ladies, I really think I need to have my head examined - I have spent the day convincing myself that I should relax while the school holidays are on (kiddies go back to school on Monday) and therefore I should put the business accounting on hold until next week - so once again, another painting is done - mind you, I was only supposed to draw the design out (ONLY) on the canvas - then I told myself I will only paint the face (do all the detailed work) - and...this is where the shrink should step in... from that point on, it just snow-balled - so here we have it - another painting completed instead of GST work!!!

Mixed media again - with lots and lots of texture - I returned to my dragonflies and had to put them into this painting - lots of gold filigree texture on the dragonflies and then I have textured the whole painting (apart from the face) in little squares.

Then the final touch, heaps of gloss varnish - she is drying now.

I also had to add this drawing my little daughter Maya drew while I was painting - we were both sitting at the kitchen table, listening to music and having fun. She is nearly 7 years old and madly in love with horses - my little artist!

Good night and sweet dreams to all - I will see all your lovely work tomorrow morning, me and my trusty coffee togeher - HUGZ Val xxoo


  1. My favourite painting of yours eva! That is me when I'm dreaming of things to paint and write!
    Mayas drawing is cute, love how she put socks on him!

  2. Hi, Val, she is just GORGEOUS! I love her face, the dragonflies, the colors, the texture. I also liked your daughter's drawing! :-) Silke

  3. Hi Jade, THANK YOU - this is your favourite, I am so glad lovey, wow!

    Yeah, the horses socks are just so hip - that's a seven year old for you. Cheers matey, Val xxoo

  4. Hi Silke, thanks so much, you are a sweety - HUGZ Val

  5. wauw...I almost cant keep-up with you!!...every time I am here there is a new painting on it...and what a lovely one this is!!...again....cant pick a about all!!...and the drawing of your daughter...I was painting this little stripe people with the big head and benchy fingers and know the she did very good...well done!!

  6. WHEW! Val, you're very fast, lol! I wish I were more organised. And I hate to tell you this, but you have real competition growing up there beside you, bless her! Another great painting from you all the same:-)

    Gail x

  7. Very nice painting!:) Your daughter did a wonderful job on her drawing also, she has natural talent! :)

  8. Another beautiful painting-I want to be where she is among the dragonflies!
    Wow, you're daughter is quite the artist!

  9. Oh no shrink needed at all. I love the moments when my muse takes over and yours definitely knows how to make you respond because this is absolutely wonderful. Listen to your muse and you will not go wrong.

  10. Wow, not an easy subject to draw, horses, your daughter is brilliant!
    You dragonfly lady is brilliant also. A pair of gifted ladies!

  11. I think Maya wins the day, not only for having a pretty name but doing a fantastic picture.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and just so you know, none of the art is mine, only the words.

    Renee xoxo

  12. Thank you all the lovely ladies for your heartwarming comments, Maya especially loved all the compliments she received for her horse drawing. She is a very happy girs at the moment, already planning her next artwork! HUGZ to all of you beautiful people!

  13. Love your art. Inspiring for certain. Love the pansy flowers on your border. Love your blog. Sweetest.
    Happy days and happy spring.

  14. Thank you Pat, you are very kind :)

  15. Such a sweet painting with beautiful colors, I can relate to the flutter :)

    Please tell your daughter I'm very impressed with her horse (and I'm an art teacher :)

    thank you for stopping by my blog!