Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two posts in one day - thats a first...

(three drawings of Marilyn Monroe 10x20 approx.)

Hello everyone, me again - I just felt like sharing a bit tonight as I am sort of moping around, don't know why, just one of those silly moods - so out of sheer bordom I decided to go to my studio and clean up the mess in there (it was screaming for a clean for weeks). I was going through all my boxes of various supplies when I came accross all my sketch pads and pencils - these three drawings I had placed inside a brand new large sketch book and then put away - I had totally forgotten all about them (I did them maybe 8 months ago or so)...and of course, I chose famous people to draw, there are a few of Elvis as well, but he is framed so its a bit hard to take a photo of him.
These drawings were my very first attempt at sketching and shading and trying to capture facial expressions - I sketch them from photos. Since then I have done lovely portraits of my children and these are framed and hanging on their walls in their bedrooms.
So now, once again, the drawing bug is starting to bite again and I am thinking of doing a mixed media artwork with lots of watercolour pencils, doing similar drawings but with colour - I don't know where this will lead, but its a lovely surprise when something good comes of it.
Well, that's it for me for tonight, I will return when I have a new painting to post - until then, I will follow you guys and enjoy your lovely artwork! Cheers and happy creating to all, Val


  1. ah so many bugs aye! It becomes quite confusing at times hey! I esp like the first one of Marilyn, you have captured her nose perfectly, I always struggle with shading on the nose and you have done a great job here.

  2. Oh, you are inspiring me to try my hand at drawing. I've been wanting to, but been a bit intimidated by the process. I will start today. Thank you!! :) Silke

  3. Those are amazing Val! Please keep sketching! It's beautiful!

  4. Oh my gosh-these are fantastic! Amazing details-wowee! I love drawing too and then adding color-everything just comes to life!
    Hope you're feeling better :]

  5. Hello ladies,

    Jade, I remember you telling me at the time that I had done a great job with shading the nose - at the time I was happy only to have been able to sketch this in proportion - thanks Jade.

    Silke, I am happy to have inspired you to try your hand at drawing - please show us your sketches when they are done, would love to see them!

    Hi Darla, thank you for your lovely words, I will be sketching and colouring in for a bit, see how the works come out. I will post if I think they are good enough to show to people.

    Hi Kim, thanks for stopping by, I am feeling much better today (I suppose I was just down in the dumps yesterday) - anyway, I will try adding colour to my sketches and see what eventuates, will let you know how I go.

    Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments. Cheers Val

  6. Vania these are amazing.

    Very talented work. I personally love all three.

    Renee xoxoxo

  7. Hello sweet Renee, thank you so much!!!