Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Why So Sad" 25cm x 30cm SOLD

(The colours are no so good on this scan - everything is shades of pink and white)

(the created picture frame on the canvas)

Good evening everyone - well here is another little painting I have just finished (still need to varnish though) and this one took a while because I had to wait for the edges to dry for ages - I have actually given this canvas its very own frame (golden in colour) so it looks complete - mostly acrylic paints used on this one - but I have made the little cutie too sad, don't know how that happened, maybe next time I should sketch her out before adding features lol.

Anyway, hope you like this little miss - I will be listing her on eBay in a few days and I will provide a link once its done.

Today I baby-sat my two kiddies and two of their friends who are having a sleepover for a few nights - they have been very good, surprisingly - I suppose you might be wondering when did I have the time to paint with so many kids in the house. Well, after I took them to the shops and they all got a pressie and milkshakes and doughnuts, I took them to the park and let them run around for an hour. When they came home, they were pooped and watched movies all afternoon while I sat at the kitchen bench painting - I don't know how happy my hubby will be with all the paint splatters on the kitchen bench (note to myself: must clean up good).

Well, I will sign off now and chat with you all soon - I love getting up in the mornings and seeing all the new paintings posted - so much creativity on this Blogger. Cheers all, Val


  1. Well...I spent over a half hour on your blog and still do not have enough... so much to see and read ...what a lovely blog you have and those pictures...what can I say....I just love beautyful made...the sure have a passion for painting..I go and "stalk"you at I dont have to miss out on anything you create...
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog..have a happy Easter...
    greetings Francien.

  2. You made me laugh with the paint spatters comment! Where do they come from--because we are so careful, aren't we??? I love your sad-eyed miss.

  3. Hi Francien, you are very sweet - thank you for taking the time to read through my blog and I am happy that you enjoyed it - I love your creativity and I look forward to seeing more of your artwork as it happents - have a very Happy Easter and we will talk again soon, no doubt, all the best, Val

  4. Very pretty Val! You sound like me, I'll squeeze in painting/creating whenever I can catch a free moment! Sometimes we just HAVE to create! :)
    Beautiful girls you do!

  5. Hi Elizabeth, so happy my comment made you laugh - yes, we are all so careful with the paints (wink wink) - no matter how hard I try, I get it all over myslef and the work surface too - I did clean up good, lucky it was only acrylic paint so it was easy to scrape off. I am glad you like my sad-eyed miss - cheers Val

  6. Hi Darla, thank you - its true isn't it, sometimes we just HAVE to creat - for me, I relax when I paint, its like therapy at times lol - cheers Val

  7. Awwww, she's a darling! Very pretty painting Val, as usual :) I love your girls.

  8. Hi ButterCup, thanks so much :)

  9. I love your very decorative lady, she is lovely!