Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ducted Heating Crisis...

Hey Bloggers - just wanted to let you know that "Murphy's Law" is working its warped magic at my home.

We are in the middle of a very very cold snap in Melbourne (with snow on the mountains) and its about 8 degrees at its warmest during the day (about 2 - 3 degrees at night) - and my ducted heating has decided to go on the blink!!!

For two days now, my hubby and I and my two little poor munchkins have been freezing - fortunately, we do have a reverse cycle air conditioner which is now set on 30 degrees, and a small electric heater going 24 hours a day, but these two appliances are only able to warm our kitchen/lounge room (just) - the rest of the house is a freezer!

Naturally, Vulcan/Bonair cannot get a serviceman out here for about 3 weeks (WHY SHOULD THIS SURPRISE ME???) - so my hubby and our farm electrician have spent most of the morning pulling apart the ducted heating unit, trying to fix the problem themselves! I say, good on them, even if they cant get it going - I am typing here, but I cant feel my fingers lol - brrrrrrr - so that has been my past few days - needless to say, I have not picked up a paint brush as there are much more urgent matter to attend to (like defrosting our bodies) - but we will get there, fingers crossed!

So for now, cheers to all, and I hope you are all cuddly and warm and happy with life - I will post again, as soon as this crisis is over - icy hugz, Val xxxooo


  1. Oh, my goodness, I am so sorry you all are freezing! I wish I could send some of our excessive heat your way! Hope it all gets fixed soon! Hugs, Silke

  2. I'm a winter/snow lover myself ... maybe I should move to where you are!!! I hope your tootsies warm up soon! Big smiles :oD Paulette

  3. The sun actually broke out this morning, so after two incredibly cold days, we finally have some warmth, and I can actually get some laundry done! So the sun should be headin your way soon!

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  5. Hey Ladies, thanks for stopping by - Jade, no sun shone here all day - just bitterly cold through and through!

    The ducted heating is still busted - we have managed to get in touch with a Volcan serviceman who has promised to be here either tomorrow afternoon or Monday morning - beggers cant be choosers so we are grateful that someting will be done in the next few days.

    Everyday life can be so "unfun" when you are constanly cold!!! I cant even read a book, watching TV is no fun either - just realised how much I take all the creature comforts (such as heating) for granted. "Such is Life" - those famous words, we will hopefully have our lives restored back to normal. Cheers, Val

  6. saljem ti tople pozdrave!!! Drago mi je da ti se svidja moja nova slika, jos nije skroz zavrsena, ali ce da bude ..kad opet nadjem malo odmora i inspiraciju.

  7. Ciao Sneska - mnogo lepe slike pravis i vrlo si talentovana!

    I look forward to seeing you future artwork - hugz and greetings, Val xxxooo

  8. Sorry to hear of you misfortunes! It is in the 80's here today (spring on this side of the world) Wish I could send some warmth your way! Keep warm!

  9. Oh poor you!!! For me there is nothing worse then cold!!hope it will soon pass for you and hubby ofcourse and the 4 legged..maybe they will get it running again...keep your paint looking forward to your pressure...just kidding...take care!!!
    greetings Francien..

  10. BRRRR, I feel for you. The house we just bought does not have back up heat. I told my husband that before winter sets in here in South Dakota USA, we will need to install backup heating system. It us always a very cold long winter in this state.
    Hope to see the icicles melt soon and that hot brush of your back on the canvas.

  11. Hi ladies, thank you so much for your 'warm' thoughts and comments - it looks like we will have someone out here on Monday but I hope it can be fixed straigh away, rather than ordering parts and then waiting another few days or weeks - ugghhhhh - I hope not.

    On a lighter note, I received in the post today my little glass tile pendant kit so I have been trying out the 'pendant making' going good so far, I love this new little adventure - but I look forward to getting back to painting once my life is back to normal.

    Until then, thanks lovely bloggers and I will chat to you soon - hugz Val xxoo

  12. Hi Val, I hope you get it fixed soon. It sure is on the chilly side down here in Vic. Even my friend in Brissy had ice on her car the other morning and that never happens!

    I hate the cold too but I think I prefer it to the 46 degree summer days even with air con. Doesn't seem all that long ago does it.

    Hang in there.
    x Bee

  13. beautiful pendants! I love ...