Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Forest Spirit" in pink

Hi everyone, it is so funny how I still manage to find the time to paint, especially when I have an image of what the painting will look like in my head, even when I really don't have time for it! After the family went to sleep last night, I stayed up and painted this spirit in pink shades - and this time I used much more gold for outlining and detailing. This will also make a nice pendant but I first have to wait for a heap of supplies to arrive from the USA before I can make them.
Hope you like this new little mythical creature, chat soon, Val xoxo


  1. She's very pretty! I love pink and green together, and your gold outlining is lovely!
    Paulette :o)

  2. She is gorgeous! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :-)

  3. The artist blood could not be quenched without painting your wonderful art. Awesome painting and love her face. She looks so soft.

  4. Oh yeah! I really am liking the pink! Great work as usual!

  5. Hi BeeDeeBaBee, thanks so much - the green and pink together dies look very nice and yes, I sort of sent a bit sick with the gold, but it worked nicely in this case!

    Hello Gypsy Rose and Benedetta, thank you so very much :D

    Hiya Julie-ann, LOL I could not keep away from painting even when I had no time for it (but I managed) - he face has come out very soft and dreamy in this painting!

    Hey Stacey, thank you, you are very kind :)

    Thanks for stopping by - your comments are always so very very appreciated - HUGZ Val xoxox

  6. OOOPS my spelling is shocking, I really need to check my typos before posting LOL - I meant to say "does" and "went" not "dies" and "sent" - oh brother...

  7. She is SO lovely - my daughter and i were looking at your paintings and we think they are so beautiful! I love her eyes

  8. Hi K, thank you to both you and your daughter - I think all that time I spent sketching faces with pencils and drawing eyes has in a way taugh me well how to now paint the eyes :D Cheers Val xo