Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hello everyone - YAY THE HEATER IS FIXED!

This afternoon the service guy came (3 days early) and had the rotten ducted heating unit working within 2 minutes flat - apparently the control panel had locked itself out, and it was a matter of reprogramming it - (no doubt we had caused this lockdown with all the buttons we were pushing trying to get it going in the first place lol). So, all is great in my life now!

Today I also made these cute fun glass pendants, using images from some of my sold artwork! How do you like them? I will be listing these on Etsy shortly, just need to waterproof the back of the pendants and they are done.

So, this is my little blogging session for today - hopefully in a few days time I will have some new paintings to post as I am planning to get back into painting shortly! Until then, look after yourselves and I will chat with you soon. Cheers and hugz Val xxxooo


  1. Hi Val, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I haven't gotten your little painting yet, but am eagerly awaiting the mail truck every day. :) I'll do a post about it when I get it and will let you know!! Your pendants are beautiful! Nice idea!! :) Silke

  2. Hey Silke, have fun with your first giveaway, they are lovely artwork! The pendants have turned out really nice, and I am so happy with them - so many ideas in my mind at the moment...anyway, chat soon, cheers Val

  3. Glad you have your heat back!! I love these little necklaces, they're wonderful!! What a great idea!

  4. Hi my warm friend! So glad you've got everything fixed. The necklaces are Wow!

  5. Oh you have it back! lol I just left my sympathies on your other post.

    x Bee

  6. Hi Ladies, thanks so much - yes the heater is fixed so our lives are back to normal, everything feels great when the house is warm! xxxooo Val

  7. Oh Cool...the necklaces are so CUTE, I must check them out next time we catch up (unless u sell them all) - and thank god you got your heater back, I was thinking of you !

  8. Hi Ves, yes its been a bit of a nightmare here these past few days, but it all good now - thanks re. pendants, I am still waiting on a few orders for glass tiles to arrive, so that I can really get into making them! Cheers Vanja

  9. Hi Val,
    Love your new pendants they are gorgeous!!
    Glad you got your heat back!! lol I am freezing up here, we don't have a heater and this weather is SO much colder than Cairns, I have resorted to wearing layers and layers of clothing!!!
    Hopefully chat soon, sorry to have been out of contact but Troy's away again and I've been really busy!
    Hugs Brenda ♥

  10. Hey Brenda, so good to hear from you , missed you on Twitter as usual - yes, bloody unseasonable cold everwhere in Australia, the heating is going now, its all good.

    Chat with you soon - on Twitter hopefully, heaps to catch up on! Val xo

  11. Hi there,
    you did a great job with the pendants.
    I love the one with the dragonfly and the violets.

  12. Hi Janine, thanks so much - I am waiting on more supplies so I can make some more, they are a great change to painting - I am taking a bit of a break from the paintbrush lol, cheers Val