Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WIP - another darn mermaid...

OK this is my mermaid (the new one) and she has been sitting like this, on my kitchen table, for the last 3 days - I started painting her 'backwards' - what I mean by that is I usually paint the delicate bits first, such as the face, thats a must for me - but with this one I started with the background and body?!?!?! Now I feel lost and as a result, I have taken a step back from all the gold detail, feeling in this instance that less is more - I don't think I will be picking up the gold pain for the rest of this painting, what is there is there.
I have had a lady request a commission, 3 mermaid paintings (different colours each one, with different body posture in each one) - for once, I have tuned this commission down, why? I usually do not charge very much for my paintings and knowing how much work was involved in painting 3, I just figured it would be easier not to paint them than crying over the low price I would receive for them in the end. Weird I know, but I also will be busy with the kids for the next 3 weeks as they are on school holidays and I don't want to be under pressure to paint at the moment.
Well, that's all from me - I might return to this little mermaid now and start painting the body and face - backwards lol, for me!
Cheers all, Val xoxoxox


  1. She looks great, I love her scales. Hey if she wants them she'll buy them as you do them aye! Commissions are very painful and stressful.

  2. Hi Jade, thanks - maybe she will buy this one but lol I dont plan to do any more mermaids for a bit - itching for a new subject now, dont know what it is yet lol, cheers Val

  3. Love this little mermaid. I agree with Jade about the scales! Also, I think it is great that she is holding her tail!