Monday, July 27, 2009

Another week gone...

Hello Bloggerville - another week has just snuck by, the kids just get bigger and we just keep getting older - that's life. I don't know where these days are going, every day is the same as the last, is it just me?
Ebay has come to a screeching stop with sales once again, no sales in days, yet the fees just keep rising. Once again, I am in the process of re listing all my pendants and artwork on etsy - I am doing lots of things on the computer, but no new paintings yet.
My camera is not the best (it has no macro setting) and my pictures of the pendants are poor (I think) - so I decided to use an article from my second art exhibition of last year as the backdrop for my pendants by way of dressing up my listings - I hope these look ok and more eye-catching.
I need to get back on etsy and do promoting as well as facebook and twitter, but there are days where I don't even turn the computer on which is not good.
Anyway, I hope all of you are having a better time of it and are creating lots of lovely artwork. Chat soon, cheers Val


  1. Hi Val!
    Your pendants are very cute! I'm sure they'll sell soon!

  2. Hi Darla, thanks so much buddy :D