Sunday, July 5, 2009

For all youTwilight Fans out there...

Well, isn't this just so cute - I have already had an order from a good friend who wants me to make two of these pendants for her daughters, but one is Team Edward, and the other Team Jacob! No doubt, these would make great pressies for teenage girls who have gone Twilight mad (lol I am not a teenager, but I must admit I am also Twilight mad).

This Twilight pendant (as well as a few others) are listed on eBay!

Otherwise, I am still spending lots of time with my kids for the school holidays and life is fun, as it should be.

Cheers all, hugz Val xoxox


  1. hahahahahaha!!!!! i love it!!!! i'm also an edward cullen fanatic ... well... that goes for rob pattinson as well i guess... who can separate the actor from the character now? unfortunately he's waaaaaayyyyy tooooooo young! :) but yea! team edward rules!!!!

  2. I am a big Twilight fan too. These are wonderful!

  3. Hi Luthien and Michelle - thanks heaps!

    I think anyone who has read the Twilight books has no choice but to become a fan - such a love story! And the big appeal for me was the way the story was written - I think Stephanie Meyer is an amazing writer - I did not get bored once reading these books - cant wait till her next book comes out and I dont really even care what it will be about - just love reading her books!