Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting away this weekend...

Good morning Blogger-ville! It's a bright sunny morning in Melbourne, but very very chilly - well, I suppose it is winter.
My family and I will be getting away this weekend to Ocean Grove, a lovely little town on the beach which is about an hours drive from our place - we often getaway to this place when we have time and spend our time relaxing in front of a fire in the cute little beach side cottages. I am looking forwards to it much much much!
Just to update you on my selling sites experiment - eBay is on fire for me at the moment - I have sold a dozen or so pendants and 3 paintings in the last two weeks which is always wonderful - I have decided to remove all my listings from zibbet and etsy but the shops are still there and I will be relisting on those sites in the future. For the time being, they are a waste of time for me and I plan to concentrate on eBay.
On another bright note, I have finished my GST accounting paperwork (you will remember that I hate this) and now I am free for the next few months. I plan to return to my artwork in the next few weeks and will be posting my new creations as soon as they are done!
Have a great weekend to all and happy creating - chat soon, greetings from Val xoxo
PS I plan to have my second giveaway shortly with one of my pendants as the giveaway prize - keep an eye out for it :D


  1. Enjoy your break!! Its freezing in Brisbane too this morning! Ebay has been quite good this month - think the free listings for $0.99 auctions has really helped. Seems to be lots of buyers around.
    Cheers, Karen

  2. Hi Karen, you wouldnt believe it - WORK COMMITTMENTS ARE CROPPING UP and our weekend getaway is in jeopardy - we may not get to go now, wont know til tomorrow morning - so not fair!

    Good news about eBay, glad you are selling well on eBay too - we will hang around while it lasts, thats for sure lol

    Cheers Val xoxox

  3. Oh No!!! Fingers crossed you can still get the break you deserve!!

  4. enjoy your time away! and congrats on your e-bay sales. i've not tried selling on e-bay but maybe i'll give it a shot!!

  5. Oh I hope you get your little holiday~you deserve it! I'm glad that eBay has been working for you. I also have an Etsy shop without much action. Most of my sales have always been on eBay. I'll be watching for the give-away--I love your pendants!

  6. Hi Chris, thanks so much - I will be holding the giveaway in a week or two, thanks for liking them xoxo

    Hi Julie King, I dont think the little getaway will take place now as work committments have cropped up and it looks like we cant go this weekend, but there is always next weekend - you should try eBay, its always been a great selling site for me :D

    Hi Karen, yes, what a bummer, but hopefully next weekend we can get away, thats life unfortunatlely :( - chat soon Val

  7. so glad to hear you're selling well on ebay! have a nice holiday my dear!! :)) a well deserved one :))

  8. Hey Luthien, thanks buddy, yes eBay has been great these last few weeks :D, its a lovely change from no sales for ages.

    It looks like we wont be able to get away this weekend, work has cropped up and we wont be able to go, but there is always next weekend - I spoke too soon :( never mind, will get there in the end.

    Cheers and have a great weekdend, Val xoxox

  9. Have a great weekend and enjoy the time away. Vacation does so much for the soul! You are making me think about ebay - I've never tried it and it scares me a bit, but you give a good compelling argument to give it a go! Congrats on your success! You go girl!

  10. Hi Marsha and Janine, the getaway is on hold til next weekend now as work commitments have cropped up and we and go now drats :( but thats life. I think I spoke too soon, in the hope that we could get away.

    Marsha, eBay is the best know selling site in Australia, therefore its the only one that seems to work for me. Aussies havent even heard of etsy yet and zibbet is great, but its so new no one knows about it. So, eBay it is. It is very expensive and the auction style selling is very different to etsy and zibbet, but it gets me sales on a regular basis and the last two weeks have been really great - I think its the pewter pendants that are selling themselves as I am currently the only one on eBay in Australia that actually sells these, but no doubt, in a few weeks, other artists will start selling them too.

    Its worth giving eBay a try, just keep in mind that selling there on eBay is pricey unfortunatelly :( - let me know how you go, hopeing for lots of sales for you :D - take care and chat soon, Val xo