Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Morning Bloggers...

...I hope everyone is having a great day - I know I am feeling better and happier - yesterdays rant was something which I had to do I think, to clear my mind - the lovely Belinda Ross said something to that effect, "venting helps" and sure has helped me.

Please visit Marsha at who is starting a campaign against copy-cats and has some great ideas - I also need to go there and show my support and will do so after I post this.

So far, my friends haven't been able to find the copied owl pendants and supply me with a link - thank you ladies for trying - most likely the culprit has deleted that listing and my mission was a success. I personally spent a few hours on etsy yesterday searching "owl pendants" pages and pages of beautiful owl pendants, but none that looked like in a way that is a blessing too.

I think there is something all of us on Bloggers can do to prevent copy-cats - I plan to put watermarks over all my painting pictures posted here - Michelle suggested this and its a great idea!!! Also, we are all familiar with each others artwork so the moment we come across a painting that looks too similar to someone elses, we should automatically copy the link and send it to the person whose artwork we think is being copied - that way that person can have a look and make a decision herself whether or not she will pursue it.

In a funny twist of fate - the owl painting in question "Dancing Owl" sold on eBay for me yesterday and I had to laugh - in a funny sad way, I am very happy to have sold this painting, the one that has started all this mess!

For now lovely ladies, that's it for me, I will return to painting in a few weeks time and will continue with all my friendships here on blogger - all the best to everyone, cheers Val


  1. YAY! Good for you Val. Glad to hear you are feeling better. A vent always helps :)

    I will certainly be keeping an eye out for copycats from now on. Thanks for warning us about it.

  2. Hey Michelle, thanks, I am feeling a lot better and not all mad and frusrated anymore - but I will too be keeping an eye out on artwork from now on :D - we need to stick together and get they copy-cats if we can, cheers Val xoxo

  3. that's great val!! nice to hear that you are in good mood again (i can certainly hear it in the tone of your post :) i also went into etsy and checked out "owls" couldn't find anything that resembled your paintings too :) so that's cool! there is this contraption called "my free copyright protection" or something that you can download from the net. i have the button on the far right of my blog, way down :) it helps you copyright your blog, writing, art or any intellectual material via email and it's free. dunno if it's any good but if someday the matter requires legal proceedings, at least you know you have the copyright in hand :))you can check that out as an option :)

  4. Hi Luthien, thanks for checking etsy and the owl pendant listings, seems that we had the same idea in our heads - they do say great minds think alike :D - yes I am feeling much better now and I will look into your suggestion "my free copyright protection" and I will read up on it and download it onto blogger if it can be done - cheers buddy and thank you once again for your concern, hugz VAl xoxo

  5. I just read your last two posts and am VERY sorry to hear that this happened to you and all of your frustration. It is sad that others cannot use their own imaginations and find their inner creative being...they have to knock off someone else's. I truly hope this doesn't dampen your spirit and you continue on with your painting. You do GORGEOUS work Val! Blessings on you!

  6. Hi K - yes its been a roller-coaster ride over the last few days, but I am back to normal and the venting was just what I needed. The copied owl pendant has disapeared off etsy (hopefully removed by the person in question) and hopefully this kind of 'crap' can stop happening to artists everywhere - thanks for your lovely words - lots of hugz Val xoxo

  7. Ya know, I just have tears in my eyes because I am so happy you have overcome this, have a plan, have some resolution to it all and mostly that you are going to continue to make your gorgeous art. I am so proud of you and so impressed! You go girl! Your post about this is spot on - keep an eye out for each other and support one another. I have to admit, I looked through Etsy for awhile yesterday too for you, but since I didn't know for sure what was taken at the time, I had little clues. I did see several people using the same images but I don't think it was yours from what I could see from your blog.

    Anyway, thanks for putting the image and link in your sidebar. I appreciate it more than you know. If we can get this going and even affect one person enough to not take someone else's work, I will be happy.

    You touched me! I will forever be your blog sistah from this experience!

  8. Hey Marsha, I had a happy smile on my face while I was reading your post - thank you so much Art/Blogger Sistah :D - it is a great thing you have done and I love your little artwork on my blog with that very straight fowrard message that will hopefully work its magic on those 'nasties' thinking of ripping of artwork!

    I hope you resolve your problem satifactorily and plan to visit your blog often to view progress as well as look at your lovely creations.

    Wishing you all the very best, many happy hours creating, cheers Val xoxoxo