Sunday, July 19, 2009

I have had enough!

Well, what an interesting turn of events the last 24 hours have wrought since my post about having my artwork copied!

I am no longer upset - at the moment I am furious!

Since yesterday's post, I have had a number of friends who are all on Blogger and Twitter get in touch with me via email to let me know of a few etsy listings with 'owl' pendants which have turned up on etsy 48 hours after my owl painting post here on blogger. The owl painting wasn't even the one I was referring to in my yesterdays post, this is another painting! At the time, they remember thinking that it may have been my pendants for sale, until they realised it was someone else selling copies of my designs. I obviously do not follow these 'parasites' therefore I would not know what listings they have on etsy - these firends have told me they would try and find the listings and provide me with links, and I plan to get in touch with etsy and demand that these listings be removed.

There is a very bid difference between people who admire and are influenced by my artwork and those pretend artists who do not have any of their own ideas but are copying other peoples' work and are profiting from it!!!

I always try to be the 'nice' person and let things slide but in my current state of mind I do not give a "flying rat's ass" what people will think of this post - just be warned that if my artwork is being copied, yours may be too, unfortunately.

I have decided to put all my paints and canvases away for a few months and give my 'unique' original artwork a break as my heart has gone out of painting due to this nightmare! In the future I do not plan to post paintings on blogger, that's if I don't decide to just delete my blogger account permanently. I do apologies to my many followers and lovely friends that I have met on Blogger for this post, but I want you to know that I do not blame you for a few losers that are following me.

Wishing you all the very best and lots of creative time - Val

PS I have decided to remove all posts which feature my artwork, for now anyway, even that little rebellion makes me feel better :(


  1. Oh Val..I just wrote you a message in your etsy account. I hope you will get a chance to read it. oxoxoxoxo

  2. OMG!! val, i'm so sorry that you feel that way. blatantly copying is horrible! damn these copycats!! i'm pissed off too ... first michele then you ... i agree... pls go and make a complain to etsy ok ... keep us updated on the progress. take care!

  3. Hi Val! My heart goes out to you too. I am so sorry you are going through this. Yes, we are in the same boat. Fortunately for me, as far as I know, my copycat is not selling work. I am still upset and for awhile yesterday I had the same reaction - just thought I'd quit, what's the use if my stuff is going to get stolen, I'll never make money at this, etc. I am sure my stuff is being stolen from others and I don't know about it, but I won't give up hope yet that it is enough to truly have an impact on whether I will ever make money at this. So anyway, after many tears and defeatist thoughts, I decided not to let some pooh pooh head take something I love to do with all my heart away from me. Instead I am taking a stand and not just for me but for anyone else she may be taking from. I sent her a notice that I found my work in her pieces and I do not give her permission to use them. I demanded a response. If I don't hear from her before she uploads any more work to her flickr, I will contact flickr and report her copyright infringement. I am aware that she can and will be notified that is she doesn't remove the work her flickr will be terminated. Etsy has the same policy I am told. Since your thief is profiting from your work, you can sue and win. I know that doesn't seem like a reality but there may just be a way to do that without costing you money. The important thing is the person stealing from you must be stopped because she is probably stealing from more people than you. We need to take a stand to protect all of our futures as artists. So here is my advice, take it or leave it
    1) have your friends send you the links so you can see for yourself. 2) send a cease and desist notice (I am currently working on one and will be posting a sample on my blog soon) and if I were you in this case I wouldn't even wait for a response I would 3)go right to Etsy and report her. Shut her down! and most importantly 4) don't give up on your art or your blog. I don't think there are hundreds of these stupid heads out there, just a few that really piss off the rest of the art community and I mean really piss them off. I have 30 some people just begging to give my copycat a piece of their mind but I have chosen not to reveal her YET. And many people would be disappointed to find out their friend, their trade buddy, their blog buddy turned out to be a thief. Many of the people supporting me know my copycat - they just don't know her they know yet. Okay, I'll keep track of you and what you decide. Sorry to be quick but I have to leave for a bit. I'll be back soon.

  4. Dear Zinnia, thanks so much for your supportive words and your DM on etsy - I thank you for the care you have shown me and I am very grateful for your honest friendship, many hugs to you xoxoxoxox

    Hi Luthien, you are a sweety, I have said that before - I will do my best to stop the copy-cats the moment I get the links - I value my friendships on blogger too much to delete my blogger account, so I plan to stay around for a long while, once I get over this whole mess - cheers and hugz Val xoxox

    Hi Marsha, thanks buddy for the words of support and your suggestions - I will definitelly do something about it the moment my friends come up with the links, provided they can find them now, a few weeks later - the one blessing about my post is that the person in question could have already read about my intentions here and has already removed those pendants from etsy knowing that I would ask etsy to do just that - if so, that is excellent.

    I know I was too hasty in posting this rant of mine, but at the time I just had to get it out of my system - I dont plan to stop painting as art keeps me sane and is my favourte passtime but I will be talking a little break from it - I want to sort out my head frist before picking up a paint brush.

    Good luck with your culprit - hope you get a satisfactory ending to this whole mess.

    Cheers and thanks, Val xoxox

  5. I am so proud of you. It takes alot of strength, if I do say so myself, to pick up, dust yourself off, "keep calm and carry on". You weren't too hasty - I did exactly the same thing. I just came back and edited it all after I had a chance to settle down, but I probably should've left the raw real reaction stay - it makes a big impact.

    I am starting a campaign of sorts about this. Check out my blog and you will see. I'm going in to add you in my links so I can follow you regularly. Have to support my art Sistah!


  6. Hey Art Sistah, thanks so much! I am already following you :D and will definitelly keep track of your new posts and the campaign you are starting, will check it all out, cheers and all the best, Val

  7. Hi Val, I hope you manage to find out and stop the culprit quickly. It is so sad that genuine artists have to put up with copycats, but I'm afraid it happens to most of us eventually. Please don't give up your blog, that would be giving in, and we don't want that do we?

    Gail x

  8. Hi Val,
    I totally know how you feel. And it feels good to let it out doesn't it. I hope you track them down and get it sorted. But don't let the culprit get the best of you.

    Name and shame I say!!! If they see fit to steal ideas and art from you and put it out in the public eye for all to see then they should be named in public! (this is the evil me coming out hehehe)but fair's fair I reckon.

    Get it all sorted out and then take a couple of weeks breather and see how you feel. Or show them they they can't get to you and keep going. Do what you feel you need to do.

    Unfortunately that's the internet for you and they probably think that the chances of getting sprung are very slim but that didn't work did it.

    Chin up and you know we are all here to support you. Vent whenever you need to.
    x Bee

  9. Geez, this is the second blog this week that I am following that has had their work stolen and getting sold on ETSY. You poor thing, I am worried now. Do you put watermarks on your work at all? I know professionals can sometimes remove them but it is still a deterant. I would be very sad if you left the blogging world. You shouldn't let those people ruin what you love.

    The other person who's art was stolen contacted Etsy and they removed them. I would suggest doing the same thing.

    Take care :)

  10. Hi Gail, Bee and Michelle, thanks so much for your support and I am so gratefull for all your words of advice.

    I am feeling better, even only a day after I posted this, so I suppose venting does help. I have also experienced my artwork being copied on eBay, basically, same painting, different colours, and eBay would not do anyting about it - that is also another reason I wish to stop using eBay.

    I will not let this person/s get away with it, provided my buddies can track down these listings and send me a link - hopefully, this person/s has read my post and has removed the listings herself knowing what I plan to do - I can hope.

    I will take a break from painting but wont stop painting, thats for sure - I need my art to keep me sane. On a brighter note, my "Owl" painting in questions has in fact sold on eBay this evening, so I am actually very glad to have it go to its new home lol so I wont have to look at it anymore, sad and funny!

    Lots of hugs to you, keep up your lovely art/jewellery - will chat to you all soon when I am back to my usual bubbly self, hugz Val

  11. Oh Val, I am so sorry!! I hope you'll share the link if you get them, however I understand if you don't want to.
    I had someone do a VERY similar copy of my work recently too. It wasn't an item to be sold, only a trade item, but still I felt a little funny about it. I really wish blogger and etsy would have 'right click protection' options! It's just too easy for people to take and make!
    Hang in there and do NOT quit!! Please!!


  12. This seems to be happening a lot lately, too bad everyone doesn't know so that they can boycott these copies. Etsy should make them take them down, Etsy once made me change my description of an item because someone complained it was similar to their description. (not something I did purposely by the way!) Copying someone's work is a much greater offense! Hang in there, they will get what's coming to them!
    Come visit me!

  13. Good Monrning Darla & Britt - thanks for taking the time to read my rant and leave such supportive comments - its amazing how much better I feel after my venting of the last two days - getting this off my chest has made me feel normal again.

    And yes, unfortuntally, this is happening to many people and we really should watermark our photos, its the least we can do - its something I will have to start doing :)

    Thank you for the support and your kind words, Val xoxo