Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lovely Blog Award received...

This is an award which has been bounced back to me by my lovely Twitter friend, buddy, pal Brenda at - THANK YOU Brenda.
Brenda and I have become great friends and chat to each other on a daily basis - we moan and groan about the world and always prop each other up in our numerous emails - thanks for your friendship!!!!
Please check out Brenda's blog and feast your eyes on some lovely Gothic/romantic/feminine jewellery which Brendan makes - I love her jewellery and am waiting on receiving a custom made bracelet from her in the next few weeks. Lets show Brenda some Blogger love!
Cheers Val xoxo


  1. Congratulations on the award and the friendship!!

  2. HiVal@ Like your new blog layout. How'd your 99c listing go?

  3. Thanks Sherry, its a great award and you make lovely artwork!!!

    Hi Jade, the 99cent auction ended on $20 so it wasnt too bad :D

  4. ¡¡¡Go change! I love!!... and congratulations on the award.

  5. Hi Myrarte, thank you - I am feeling really good because I had a lady contact me from Canada, requesting a custom order for two glass pendants so yes, change is excellent - hugs back at ya :D

  6. Hey Val, thanks so much for the really sweet compliments!! I really value our friendship and you certainly prop me up when I am feeling down! You really deserve this award twice!!!
    Hugs Brenda ♥

  7. Lots of HUGZ your way Brenda - we will just keep propping each other up, its a great foundation for an even better friendship :D