Saturday, July 18, 2009

My experiment with selling sites...

Well, its been a funny few weeks for me with regard to the three selling sites I am using for selling my artwork and jewellery...Etsy and Zibbet are still 'dead' as far as sales are concerned - eBay is the only one making sales for me, as it has been doing for the last 2 years approximately - I have sold two original paintings and 5 pendants in the last 7 days on eBay which makes me very happy, but also frustrated as eBay is so very very expensive!!!

The results: I will most likely have to close the etsy and zibbet shops and just concentrate on eBay and keep paying the high listing fees and commissions that come with all my sales. They go hand in hand!!!

I am also feeling a bit upset and frustrated this morning as I have come accross something on Blogger that looks too similar to my kind of art and composition - I have decided to ignore it and put it out of my mind as there really is nothing I can do about it, and that is the frustrating part :(

Overall, not a very happy week for me - Val xoxoxo


  1. Hey Val, it sucks to find out someone is copying your designs, it must be even worse as a painter!! I assumed that every artist had their own unique style, you certainly do!! I would check it out a bit closer, to see if there is any copying going on, as if there is that is breaching copyright!!
    Cheer up my lovely friend and know that all your followers love YOUR style!
    Hugs, Brenda ♥

  2. Hey Brenda, thanks for your support :D - I may be feeling a bit too touchy about it, maybe I am just over-reacting. I understand that we all admire other artists' artwork and are at times influenced by certain paintings, but I would hate to think that someone out there feel this way towards my art - even if I paint a subject that is currently all the craze, I hope I paint it in my own unique style with no resemblece to other peoples work - cheers Val

  3. Wow, you have had quite a week. I'm having a similar experience with ebay, not with my art (still too new at that), but with the scarves I knit. I've been selling them successfully on eBay for a year now, but on Etsy they just sit. It's odd...

    And I hope if there is artwork out there similar to yours, it's someone who admires you rather than trying to profit off of your designs. Your style is so uniquely you!!

    Hugs, Silke

  4. Hi Val, Thanks for the updates on your experiments! I agree, ebay is expensive but it does seem the best solution. I have also tried Oztion but that was a complete waste of effort. They have cheaper fees which is good, but that doesnt help when the customer base is very small. Hopefully ebay will reduce their fees over time ...... (wishful thinking). Try not to worry about what others are doing - chin up!

  5. Hi Silke - that is funny isn't it, eBay works for some, but not for others - etsy is doing real good for some sellers with hundreds of sales - for us though, eBay is the go - we may need to increase the price of our items in order to make up for the huge fees, but then, we dont want to lose our faithfull followers on eBay!

    Thanks for your soothing words, maybe I am feeling a bit touchy today, I will just put it down to admires of my artwork - I am happy to hear you say that my art is very unique, that is what I have always strived for - thanks buddy, hugz Val xoxo

  6. Hi Karen, yes I agree with you - Oztion sounds a lot like Zibbet - I think it will take a long time before Zibbet becomes as well known as eBay - and LOL I dont think eBay will be reducing fees, more like increasing them soon unfortunatelly - cheers buddy Val xox

    ps I will just have to stop stressing about what other people are doing :D

  7. hey val,
    i'm sorry to hear that someone's copying your work too. michele had the same problem. it's funny that both of you sell on ebay and have this prob. i wonder if this copying thing is confined to ebay sellers ... hmmm...

    i know how you feel about etsy and zibbet. i've never listed on ebay cos i can't understand how it works. etsy's selling for me... slowly but it's selling, zibbet and artfire are not but zibbet has a lot of viewers. i dun believe that you should close your etsy shop. etsy is good, wide market, that shop just needs more TLC. think about it, i assume ebay's your first shop (just as etsy is mine) so we tend to put more work into our first shops like promote like crazy, talk in forums, go add other artist and talk to them... etc... and traffic has build up since we began that's why we think that ebay (for me etsy) sells better than any other. plus we're impatient with our newer shops cos it's not selling ... yet. but it's perhaps we haven't put enough effort in them. :) so i say keep them first, no harm ... if you have time tend to one of the (i'll say etsy first) and see if more TLC bring you more sales :))

    no need to stress :) life is good :)) HUGS!!

  8. Hey Luthien, you are so SWEET - and yes, life is good, no need stression over some things, thats for sure.

    I have been on etsy now for 4 months - I understand there are over 700,000 sellers on there, that is a very large market, my one little shop amongst that many sellers gets lost most of the time LOL!!! On eBay, in Australia, if I list a painting under Self Representing Artists, there are 400 to 600 paintings selling at the same time, so say, 300 odd sellers - so of course, my items will be seen straigh away and will most often sell. Plus I have been on eBay for 2 years and in that time have lots of people, old customers, keeping an eye on my work - I had a lady that purchased 7 paintings from me in one week, and she still buys every now and then :D

    Yes you are right, I really need to advertise etsy more and zibbet too - I may have spoken in haste, will most likely keep both other shops open for a while :D

    RE eBay and artwork being copied, that always happens on eBay - I have even sent emails to eBay, telling them to cancel the copy-cats listings, but they wouldn't, gave me all this crap about me initiating legal proceedings - thats just crazy - they dont want to get involved, they are still making lots of money on the listings and sales you see, whether the items are copies or not.

    Ah well, what do you do :) - keep smiling and carry on, cheers HUGZ Val xoxoxo

  9. Hi Val,

    I've had the same experience with ebay. It is the only place with steady sales worldwide! Even though it is expensive, our listings seem to market themselves there whereas Etsy and other sites take a lot of effort to see results (and I never see the results)!

    That is horrible that someone is copying your work. I would be very upset as well.


  10. Hey Miss Val, is seems for us eBay is working much better than the other too sites, reason being as you said, its much easier for our work to be seen :D so one out of three sites is good - the copy-cat seems to have disappeared and removed her owl listing so my outburst had a positive effect! Cheers and chat soon, Val

  11. Hey Val. I also sell on Etsy and Zibbet and had no luck. At first, I tried selling on Ebay and lost money constantly. No one would buy anything. Yet, I sell paintings locally and to friends and what do you know...people buy them! I have to admit, I hate Ebay and Etsy. For me, Zibbet seems the only alternative that is not only free, if you do not purchase a premium account, but also does not charge the 3.25% fee for each sale unlike Etsy. I am sorry to hear you stumbled across a person who may very well be copying your art. You made the right choice to not pay attention. Look at Osnat. MadArt has been copying her all along and several other artists'. It makes me mad, but that is how sneeky some people are. Wish you all the best.

    Yevgeny (Cr3ativity)