Friday, July 24, 2009

No Getaway after all...

Well, the getaway is cancelled as work commitments have cropped up - a bit disappointing, but there is always next weekend, and the weekend after...

My paintings are back on in etsy as I have had an enquiry about my original paintings, so I thought I would re list them on etsy rather than eBay due to listing fees being much higher on eBay. Yes, is all a bit confusing, and no doubt I am confusing myself too lol, but I will manage.

Cheers all, Val xoxo


  1. ah you have to stay in cold yukky melbourne - oh well there will be time again! I finished that Vlad book, was really good - any more you can recommend?

  2. Hi Jade, well our getaway would have been to Ocean Grove so that would have been even colder, but the fireplace was so appealing - next time as this weekend is a bust.

    Re. books, I am pulling my hair out with books because everything I have bought in the last few weeks is crap, I am currently reading 6 books - none of them are good! Can't help you out there buddy, cheers Val

  3. Oh well then I can recommend Mao's Last Dancer by Li Cunxin. Its an autobiography and is very revealing about the poverty in china in the old communist days and I think personally its a great read.
    Well let me know if you happen on any good books. Next time we go to your olds I'll drop your book off there along with Sinis prezzie as no doubt you'll see them before we all hook up again!

  4. Hey Jade, I have seen Mao's Last Dance book many times, even picked it up and then put it down, but I plan to buy it the next time I go to the book shop, thanks for the recommendation!

    Hopefully we can catch up soon, I know, I know, everyone is too busy and this life is too busy and we just dont have the time to visit :( xoxo