Sunday, July 12, 2009

SALE on eBay - 4 paintings listed

Hi Ladies, I still have no time to paint but, in the meantime, I have decided to sell some of my paintings as I am running out of storage space lol - so...I have listed these 4 paintings on eBay (still the best selling site for Aussies) starting price $19.95 - at this stage I would just be glad to recoup the money spent on materials - so someone out there will be able to pick up a real BARGAIN.
Happy Shopping, cheers Val
PS as Blogger is not allowing me to copy and paste any links at the moment (???) if you are interested in having a look at these paintings just search my eBay user name 2005valz and you will be able to see these paintings listed, thanks


  1. :)) it's good that you're not selling them at 99cents this time :) i'm sure they'll all go like hot cake!! oh ... blogger's messing up again?

  2. Hey Luthien, the .99 cent acution ended at $20.00, so it turned out OK - anyway, I wont be doing that again :D - and yes, Blogger is palying up for me, I cant even paste links now - hope they fix it soon :D

  3. I just had to post a comment, your paintings are lovely. I like the big eye of innocense look. I also so your name and it is the first time I have ever seen someone with the same name as my daughter. My daughter is Breana Vania - the Vania part came from the last five letters of the state in the US - Pennsylvania. She pronounces it Va-nee-a. I think it is so pretty.

    When I saw Luthien's name I just knew this blog was about painting - so glad to have found you.