Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cute new dainty charm bracelet...

...OK, after a few tutorials and massive amounts of supplies and tools, I am making jewellery with a vengeance LOL - this is my newest charm bracelet with lots of glass beads and 5 little pewter round trays with different dragonfly photos captured inside them - I am a bit impatient to receive about 9 different orders for beads, chains, clasps, pewter trays, glass cabochons etc which I placed last week, but I don't think they will be here for another week or so, just don't like waiting, that's my problem! Cheers all, Val xo


  1. That looks stunning to see "my"little dragonfly is in it...and i know the feeling waiting for materials...i am waiting for the little glassplates to make some "witchballs"with can see them on my other fingers are itching to start and i jump every day in front of the deliverycar..could go wrong if the driver gets fettup with see if the package is there...nothing yesterday...get on his back today again...or maybe he just skip this street if he does not have it...patience i dont have very much...all should be done will arrive when i give-up "stalking"the postman perhaps..
    greetings xxx Francien.

  2. Hi Francien, you sound like me, constantly checking the post, waiting for 2pm LOL, yes, thats true, packages will most likely arrive when we forget about them - I am going to check out your other blog and see what you have been up to - cheers buddy, Val xoxo

  3. your charm bracelet it so very pretty!! LOL!!
    "I am making jewellery with a vengeance" LOL ... me tooooo!!!

  4. Hi Luthien, LOL I feel possessed - will have to swing by your blog and have a look at your jewellery too - cheers Buddy!

  5. Val the charm bracelet is just gorgeous.

    You have been working so hard.

    Love Renee xoxo

  6. Hey Renee, thanks buddy - I have been playing around with jewellery, although I should get back to painting I think, its been a while...