Monday, August 17, 2009

Goodness, still pretending to know what I am doing...

...I am still battling along with the jewellery making business thingy - designs are very plain and simple, but thats all I know how to do at the moment - am planning to explore further and maybe buy some HOW TO books and find myself a jewellery suppliers in Melbourne so I can really sink my teeth into it... LOL but its fun tho, and to make things even better, I actually had an etsy sale the other day - WOW was I shocked to realise the sale did not come from eBay, but from ETSY!!! Tell you what, it took me forever to work out why I had a PayPal payment, kept going back and forth between PayPal and eBay until I cracked up laughing when it dawned on me, ITS AN ETSY SALE - this sale was the sweetest for me!
I am still battling with Blogger where apparently I am following someone but their posts are not actually appearing in my Blogger Follow List so I am constantly pasting blog addresses and trying to 'really' follow!
Hope you are all well and good and happy - chat soon and hopefully will have a new painting to post next time I blog! Hugz Val xxx


  1. Your jewelry is coming along just great! They're all so pretty!!
    Congrats on the Etsy sale Val!!
    I have the same problem with one or two of the blogs I 'follow'. They're posts don't show up so occasionally I have to remind myself to just go check their blogs on my bookmarked page. It's frustrating though....I wonder why that happens?

  2. your work is already unique becoz it is not only a piece of jewelry, it embodies your art as well :) having said that ... learning new things is always good!! i love the process of learning. ppl ask me what i would like to do if i didn't have to make a living... i tell them i'll go back to university forever ... learning everything i want to learn :))

    blogger has been screwing up. my following reading list got wiped out for 2 days!! i had to go complain in the forums and finally some nice soul gave me a link to write in a complain form to blogger. you know they try to stay as illusive as possible so that they dun get bugged by mails unless it's really life threatening :D

    if you haven't been receiving my updates :p i have been dabbling with polymer clay :) i just completed my first project. so if you have the time, do drop by and tell me your thoughts about it... coz i'm just starting to learn about polymer clay :) and feedback will be great. tips would be even better ;)LOL!!

    congratulations on your sale on etsy!! see i told you ... just a little TLC ;)HUGS!!!!

  3. Good for you Val!!....your Etsy sale..hope that many may follow...i found a lovely blog who makes and sell your kind of little jewelery too..maybe you like to hae a look there and it might give you some inspiration.I like your ones better though..honestly!!!
    greetings Francien.

  4. The jewelry is really cute Val! I think may be able to help you on the blogs you are following. Do you mean that they aren't showing up on your blog page? When you click to "follow" someone's blog, it doesn't automatically show up on your blog page. You have to go to the top of your blog and click Customize..
    then click on your Layout page...
    on the right column, click Edit on the My Blog List gadget.
    click Add to List...
    a screen will come up that says Add to Blog List...on the screen click on the circle that says Blogs I'm Following so that a green dot appears...
    put a green check mark by all those blogs you want on your page...
    Click the orange Add button, then click SAVE...
    when it takes you to the layout page, click save again.
    All the blogs you follow will be on your Dashboard page only until you do this, then they will appear on you blog page. I hope this helps--it took me awhile to figure it out!

  5. Your jewelry is beautiful! And concrats on your Etsy sale! That's wonderful and funny how it was such a surprise! I've missed you around blogland, but I now know you've had trouble with blogger. I hope you can get it all worked out! Hugs, Silke

  6. Hi Ladies, thanks for all the congrats and you suggestions regarding the blogger bug which has taken hold of my laptop :D

    I am pretty certain that all five of your blogpages are coming through on my follow feeds, which is great, but out of around 300 blogs I follow, I am pretty sure half are nowhere to be seen - thanks for your suggestion Cris, I will have to study your instructions and give them a try - I have worked out tho that clicking the Follow button on someones blog does not always work - what I have to do these days is copy and paste a blog link into my ADD button on the dashboard, which will allow me to actually see any of their new post (thats what we want). Also, apparently I am following too many blogs so now I am being asked to unfollo a few before I can add more ??? so frustrating!

    I will check out the jelwellery link you gave me Francien, thanks buddy :D

    OK guys got to run, hubby has just stepped in and he has made us a coffe - chat soon Val xo

  7. LOL thanks Michelle - it was quite funny at the time :D

    Thanks for the link Francien, I just followed that lady, her jewellery is so lovely and romantic and antique, love it, so I am following her now (or at least I hope I am following her LOL) - lets hope Blogger sorts itself out!

  8. Well, I have gotten very far behind on blog visits and missed alot with you. So, I'll just say it is always a lovely thing to visit your blog and scroll down the page and see so many things - I am loving all of the beautiful mermaids! (some are so tiny! I love them so tiny! and big too! I love them all!) Sounds like you are on a roll my dear. Etsy has been slow for a lot of us so feel good that you are just movin' right along! Who wouldn't want your scrumptious work?

  9. Hi Marsha, so great to hear from you 'art sistah' - I have been a bit busy myself these last few weeks and havent had much time to blog or visit other blogs, but I plan to remedy that this evening, give myself some art therapy and see what new creations other artists have made. Sorry to hear that Etsy has been slow for you too, seems to be going around unfortunatelly, but fingers crossed for all us Etsians! Let the sales rolllll! Chat soon sweets, Val xoxo