Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I may have unfollowed you accidently...

hi buddies, I have been trying to fix up this Blogger problem I have been having with blogs which I am following but not actually being able to see any of their new posts on my Dashboard - I have spent a few hours unfollowing blogs then copying and pasting blog addresses into my "ADD" panel to try and rectify that problem - I think I have done well so far, but I may have unfollowed good Blogger buddies without realising - I know this is all confusing, but please let me know if you notice that I have unfollowed you and I will add you quick smart - sorry about this post, I know its all over the place - I am sure you all understand what I have done here - chat soon, Val xoxo


  1. h there you are again Val...I could not comemnt on your last post...the beautiful her!!...its awesome....and i am glad i am still a follower...would not want to miss a post....Hope your enveloppe with my cards will arrive soon...i had all answers from other friends in Australia where i have sent something...the douane opend up one envelop and ripped up a card to see what the little "white dots"were...they are the with gluedots i put the cards together with... the card was ruined...i hope that does not happens with yours...
    oh well..if that happens I make you new ones and keep sending them untill you got them. hope it arrives soon..and i hope that your bloggerfollowers problems are over too..i tryed to "become a fan"...because I am...but that did not workout...
    bye for now Francien.

  2. I have that same problem with a couple of people I follow. I have followed them and re-followed them but it hasn't fixed it yet. I am not sure what or who the problem is with.

  3. Hi Michelle - I have had to unfollow more than half of my follow list, then copy and paste blog links into my ADD button, really time consuming, but I am worried that i have unfollowed some people and forgotten to follow again - now I am getting much more feeds in my dashboard, so I think I have fixed up the problem - apparently, the trick is not to press follow on someones blog, but to copy and paste their link into your dashboard :D

  4. Hi Francien, no worries buddy, the package arrived in perfect condition, I dont even think it was opened and there were no damaged cards, so all is well! xoxo