Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Look what arrived today in the post... "BBB" (Beautiful Blogger Buddy) Francien of has sent me this lovely package with way too much, so very generous of her - I organised a little trade with Francien, two lovely handmade cards for one of my pendants - but she has included extra cards and a gorgeous 'amulet bag' with worry dolls inside it which she has made herself and I think she is so kind and sweet to have done this, so much more than I expected...

THANK YOU FRANCIEN - I so value our Blogger friendship - Francien always makes time to come to my blog and leave such lovely, long and funny comments and I always have a smile on my face after reading what she has written.

Francien makes these lovely cards as a hobby and for fun, but I really think she should list them and sell them as they are so lovingly made and there is such great detail on them!

I cant thank you enough Francien - cheers for now to everyone and chat soon hopefully, hugz Val xoxo


  1. Well now...enough are making me blush at my old was just a little something from my part...i own a pendent of yours now as the first one in Hollan i that thought...and I hope the little worrydolls will bring you lots of luck and health...and wealth...peace..whatever you wish for dear...dont forget...i am a white you never let me know if you come to
    and thank you again...bye for now xxx Francien.

  2. Hi Francien - I have your little worry dolls close to me and I hope they bring me lots and lots of luck and wealth and happiness and good health - you are very kind and generous and I am so glad we have met each other on Blogger - enjoy your little dragonfly and be a good advertisement for my artwork and jewellery in Holland - hugz Val xoxo

    ps if I do come accross wealth I will let you know and be very happy to share it with you :D