Saturday, August 22, 2009

This Beauty has found a home...

...well, this mermaid has found a new home quick smart LOL which is great - a lady from Tasmania has purchased her and I will be packaging her up today for posting out tomorrow.

Whats even better than the sale itself is the fact that she was my first sale on Zibbet and I cant praise Zibbet high enough at the moment - if you list less than 25 items, there are no listing fees and no commissions - I don't think you can get any better than that!!! The trick now is to get all my eBay crowd over to Zibbet, and I plan to send out a heap of emails to all my buyers to let them know.

A link to my Zibbet shop is in the sidebar - please click on it and take a look at all my items which are listed for sale - Zibbet has a very light feel to it and is very user friendly :)

So as you can well imagine, I am on a bit of high this morning - I have a few blank canvases, one which is 40cm x 50cm and I plan to start a new painting today - I think it will have to be another mermaid painting tho as I have had so many inquiries about my sold painting "Mermaid 2" so I plan to do something similar to that, but different too, if you know what I mean.

I will say bye-bye for now and will be back with a new painting - in the meantime, I wish you all well and lots of happy hours creating your lovely artworks - cheers Val HUGZ xoxoxox


  1. congratulations!!! and yea! zibbet's getting real cool isn't it!

  2. Thanks Luthien, was a great surprise and sale for me :D

  3. congrats on your sale!! lookin forward to seeing the next painting! cheers!

  4. Hi K, thanks buddy, the painting just need a few final touches so I will be able to blog about it later today, cheers

  5. That is wonderful and so well deserved. You work hard at your art. Keep them coming!!!

  6. Thanks so much Pencil Sanity - I really like painting my mythical creatures and I think all the moms love these paintings for their kids' rooms which is great - I know I have a heap of my paintings in my 7yo daughter's room, she just orders the ones she likes LOL and her room looks beautiful :D