Friday, September 25, 2009

WOW - featured on Zibbet...

...I am going to be the new Featured Zibbeter for the month of October on ZIBBET! Yes! How great is that - my shop will sit on the front page of Zibbet for the next month - I am bound to get many many views, if nothing else :)

So I have made a few more cute 53mm art pendants which I have just listed on Zibbet. If you get the chance, please visit the Zibbet site and read my special Featured Zibbetter Interview :D which will be posted on 1 October 2009 (a few days from now)

This is the link

Anyway, as I will be away on holidays until 5 October and I plan not to take my lap top with me, I wont have a clue how this feature will affect my shop - hopefully, when I get back, there will be a few sales and I will be pleasantly surprised.

Have a great week everyone and I will catch up with you and all your lovely creations when I return from Surfers Paradise :D - hugz Val xoxoxo

PS the stats for my Zibbet shop so far:

In July my shop had 300 views

In August my views were around 500 approx

So far, for the month of September, my shop has had 1,200 views!!!

This tells me that the Zibbet shop is on the up and up and that the Zibbet team are promoting this new selling site - this is great for all the handmade seller out there :D


  1. That's great news Val - Here's to expanding your audience *cheers*
    Also keep meaning to say mention to you, there is a gallery near your joint you might want to check out to put your art in. I enquired for myself and she said yes they like to give new artists a go and display their work for 6 weeks and see if there is any interest. I didn't go ahead with it because it is just too far away, but it is nearer to you. It looks like a nice gallery and has a big variety of artwork - just thought you might be interested in another home for your artwork, I think they would be well received!

  2. Congratulations!! Belated birthday wishes too. Enjoy your holiday!
    Cheers, Karen

  3. Hooray, Val! Congratulations. Here's wishing you great success with this new exposure!

    Have a wonderful vacation!

  4. wow!! that's wonderful val!! so cool!!

  5. Congratulations!! I wish you much luck with your Zibbet partnership. Sounds like they've got a good thing going. Enjoy your vacation :-)

  6. I want my worry/lucky dolls back!! so deserve it because you make such beautiful art..those last two necklaces are so great again !!..go and enjoy your holiday and maybe when you get back....who knows...dont spoil your holiday with a laptop, dont bring it along because you will look at it every 10 minutes..just enjoy your rest!! have a fine time!!
    greetings xxx Francien.

  7. Very cool and CONGRATS on being featured.