Friday, October 23, 2009

Moving Up...will be costly tho LOL

...hi ladies - its a lovely sunny (but chilly) Saturday morning here and as usual, I am browsing Blogger and having my morning coffee :D

I have already had heaps of people DM me (even from RedBubble) asking if I make these in sterling silver with real gems - this pendant is getting lots of interest and that is GREAT!

So... of course... I have jumped on Etsy and made a massive order from one shop for sterling silver wire as well as real gems in all colours that I can incorporate into these kinds of pendants - I am so excited and once again cannot wait to receive the package.

I must put aside my litter wire pliers (all 7 of them) and do home stuff over the next few days as I have seriously neglected housework and spending quality time with the kids - time to put on my Super Mom costume once again :)

Thank you all for your beautiful comments - wishing you all the best - we will chat soon, cheers Val xoxoxoxo


  1. That's great news Val, and that pendent is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Jade - I am constantly trying new things :)

  3. These are just gorgeous! And doing them with real gems - they will be so sparkly and beautiful! What makes them so amazing, though, aren't the materials, but your keen sense of design! You've discovered yet another great talent!! Have fun around the house and with your kids... Love, Silke

  4. Val, the news about your necklace sounds wonderful. I must admit it does have a very special power about it. So beautiful and different in a great way.
    All the best Val!
    Thank you for your lovely message and entering into the prize draw.

  5. Good Morning Ladies!

    Silke, thank you - my friend Desa said that as far as she was concerned, these pendants are lovely even done in simple materials - I tend to agree with her in a way, but a lot of emails have come through asking if I do these in sterling silver and real gems - I am open to suggestions and am willing to give it a go! Hugz Val xoxo

  6. Hi Julie-ann - thanks so much for your lovely words, they mean heaps to me.

    BTW your giveaway is so unique and I have my fingers crossed - your artwork is magic and you style is amazing! Looking forward to finding out who the lucky lucky lucky winner will be :D hugz Val xoxo