Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Red Glass Chips Tree of Life Pendant...

...good morning creative ladies, hope you are all having a great week :)!

This is another pendant I completed last night - I am constantly trying to find beads that would look great in this kind of design and I think this red on is very striking - sorry for all these pendant posts, some of you may be getting a bit sick of them, which I would understand fully - but these pendants are the flavor of the month LOL

My hubby and I finished all our jobs on the farm yesterday and today it feels great to just sit in my warm kitchen, watching TV, surfing the net...and all that in my PJs still at 10am :) - but I am going for comfort and relaxation right now and I feel another coffee is in order straight after this post!

OK buddies, that's all for me for today, take care you all and I will chat with you soon, cheers Val xo


  1. Hey girlfriend! I love your pendents! I think you rock at making these and I only wish I could make one myself with such care and attention to detail that you do. The red beads are beautiful...I love tree's so much so I can never get enough of your pendent art! oxoxox

  2. Oh shucks Zinnia, thanks buddy, you are so sweet - glad to hear that my pendants are still interesting to you - love love love your lovely creations, always so much fun visiting your blog - take care buddy, Val xo

  3. Oh my God I love it Val.


  4. Thanks Renee - the red is very striking :)