Thursday, November 26, 2009

An end of another week, time flies here...

...its nearly December and my mind boggles - I can't believe a whole year has flown past.

I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my buddies that celebrate this holiday - something us Aussies do not follow or do :( - but we can still eat turkey if we want to LOL but without the festivities!

Some of my wire arrived in the mail yesterday and I have happily been making a few new pendants, - also, I am starting to love working with copper and the look of these pendants.

Once again, I have no artwork to post here - I can't believe it has been 3 months now that I haven't painted but the moment I get back to my artwork I should be fresh and full of new ides - would be interesting to see my first painting back!

Cheers all and have a great weekend, Val xo


  1. These are GORGEOUS!!!! I really like that second one, the colours work so well together with the silver wire. Where did you learn to make this type of jewellery? I don't think I've really seen anything like it before yours, beautiful work......

  2. Hi Nicola, you are so sweet, thanks for your lovely comments - I ordered an instructional DVD to show me how to wire wrap jewellery - they showed lots of different way in which to do it - so once I saw how it was done, I was able to just sit down and make the tree of life pendants and also the freehand wire wrap pendants - like that last one in copper in the shape of a heart - its so much fun, a bit like sewing, but with wire :D - have a great weekend buddy!