Thursday, November 12, 2009

A few new batches of soap :D

...last night I made two more batches of soap - the green one is Fruity scent and the pink one is Rose - the purple/white ones at the back are from my first batch and they are lavender. The scent coming off this rack (which is currently in my bathroom) is lovely, all the scents mixed together.

I am tempted to keep making more, but the truth is I need to wait a few weeks and use these soaps and make sure they are soaping up good before I keep going with this recipe :D - no worries, I will just have to return to my jewellery making for the time being.

I sold a Tree of Life pendant yesterday to a lady that lives 50km away from me (small world) - she is hoping it will arrive in the post by tomorrow as she wants her for her sister's b-day party on the weekend - always makes me smile when one of my creations is bought.

Will post soon - until then, cheers and all the best, Val

(ps I have enclosed a few links to soap making sites on my previous soap post, in the comments section, if anyone is interested in making soaps at home - ENJOY!)


  1. Beautiful and YUM! Congrats on the sale too Val!

  2. OMG val!! the soaps look gorgeous!! all those colors!! mmmmm.....

  3. Hi Darla and Luthien - thanks ladies - I am being very 'artistic' with my soaps LOL, just cant help myself. They smell better than they look - hugz xo