Friday, November 20, 2009

"Hoot Hoot" OWL wire wrap pendant...

...a new little OWL wire wrap pendant that I completed today - the kids are having play dates and while baby sitting 4 munckins in the house, I was able to occupy myself with this...hope you like it :D


  1. are you serious? that is cute as! You got your mum and dads hands!

  2. Hello Luthien and Jade, WHOOT WHOOT doesn't like owls - they are so cute and everyone's favourites :D - thanks for the lovely comments.

    Jade, yes, I will have to thank my oldies for my creative hands :) - doing these pendants is very similar to painting - I imagine what it will look like (painting or pendant) and then I let my fingers make it or paint it!!!

  3. HI Val,

    Can I repeat how gorgeous my goodies from your etsy shop are :)

    having only recently been introduced to your blog, i have to say I've had a lovely stroll through your older entries. Ahhh, it was a feast for the eyes. You are one talented lady.

    Sharon :)

  4. Ah Sharon, thanks so much hon, you are too sweet - HUGZ to you from Bacchus Marsh - they will reach you soon as we both live in Victoria LOL

    I am so glad you like your pendants (and bracelet and earrings) - I am always wearing a smile on my face for hours and hours after I receive such lovely positive feedback - customer service is my No 1 priority.

    Cheers and hugz, Val xoxo

  5. awww. I love it! Think you could do a horse?

  6. Oh geee Gypsy Rose, now you are giving me ideas LOL - I dont know, might give it a try actually LOL - will post a pic if I do :D

  7. How adorable!! I was just telling my husband I think we have a little owl out in one of our trees in the backyard, I hope he's as cute as this one! :)

  8. How cool to have a little HOOT HOOT in your backyard :) thanks buddy for your comments, cheers Val xo