Friday, November 13, 2009

"In Full Bloom" Tree of Life pendant... newest pendant - I have been selling these pendants really well, and I am constantly making new ones, different, more intricate ones to replace the ones that have found new homes :D

This one is made out of European Silver plated wire (which is a great alternative to sterling silver but without the high price tag) - the branch wire is very thin aluminum wire - I have added some gems to the actual necklace which looks lovely I think.

This little pendant will be listed on etsy shortly - there are 55 real Peridot, Amethyst, Citrine and Topaz Gems on the tree - it is very sparkly and bright.

Cheers Val xo


  1. these are really pretty val and i'm not surprised that they are selling like hot cakes :) and wow!! love the box that goes with it :)

  2. Oh my dear...this one is the little stones...and like Luthien wrote..its a lovely box that comes with a feeling that one likes to "take care"of it put it away in for the night...i am sounding like "Mrs Doubtfire" reading back what i to think of it..i look a bit like "her"....but i think you should make loads of them for Christmas so every man can buy one for his lady...well show them of as much as you can and lots of succes selling them!!
    greetings ♥ Francien.

  3. Hi Luthien and Francien - thanks ladies - I love the movie Mrs Doubtfire Francien, my kids watch it on DVD over and over - love Robin Williams :D