Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just a Quickie...

...new beaded handmade bookmarks in my Etsy shop right now :D - some have cabochons and lockets with my artwork on them :D


  1. I didn't know that marker type of you paginate.. I only knew the one of paper.... those seem jewels.
    Really very beautiful.
    Big Hugs!

  2. wow!! those are really pretty!! love the ones with your artwork on them :))

  3. Hi Mundo and Luthien, thanks ladies :D you are both so very sweet - cheers and take care, Val xo

    ps Mundo, I use Kodak type high quality photo paper for my prints and then varnish them heaps with diamond glaze, thats why they look a bit like gems :D

  4. My goodness, Val, you are just so prolific and amazingly creative! What great bookmarks - perfect!! Hugs, Silke

  5. LOL thanks Silke - I think I just dont know how to relax, always on the go making stuff :D hugz Valxo

  6. Hi Val,
    Love the latest design of bookmarks.
    Gosh honey, do you sleep? You seem to have something new everyday.

    Hey I also like the idea of an art swap, now which piece would I like and which piece would I give away, that someone else would like???? That's the tricky question.

  7. Hi Anna, thanks hon - I am always thinking up new things LOL "no rest for the wicked" as they say LOL - I look forward to seeing your artwork which you may consider for a swap - hugz Val

  8. hey val :)
    wow!! it arrived already?? that's real quick!! i'm soooooo glad you like the bookmark :)) it is one of my fav designs too :)) awwwww.... i hope it'll bring you lots of reading joy for a long long time :))
    luthien :))

  9. Hi Luthien, it sure will bring me lots of reading fun - somehow having a bookmark that someone else has made makes it better, you know what I mean :D - the design is really sweet and all the lovely detail on the metal is amazing too - cheers buddy, Val xo

  10. Your bookmarks are lovely ... and special seeing you have your artwork on them too.

    ciao for now,
    Elena :)

  11. Thanks Elena :) - they are listed in my Etsy shop - I am following your blog now, great to meet another Melbournian!