Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Pendant and New Pthots... new pendant with white/pink glass chip beads is the first photo - I have redone most of the photos for my Etsy shop and uploaded them this morning - it was a pain redoing them all (as I have a million other things to do) but I hope it will be worth the effort.

Fingers crossed for more gem and wire supplies to arrive TODAY! :D


  1. Thanks buddy, thats my newest pendant which I made last night - on a standstill here now until more supplies arrive :)

  2. Your work amazes me. Every piece you make is just so beautiful. and you display them to perfection.

  3. Hey Val,
    Lovely pieces of art coming out of your studio.
    Did you paint the mermaid?
    Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Dors, thank so much for your lovely comments my friend - much appreciated HUGZ

    Hi Anna, yes buddy, I took this image from an original painting I painted a few months ago (which is now sold) - cheers and chat soon, hugz Val xo

  5. oh yes I think it will be worth it. That photo of the mermaid one really shows it much better. They've all come up lovely!!!

    I had some new stock arrive today so I'm really excited about making some christmas pressies. Just got to finish the cleaning first, it's torture though I keep walking past my art desk longingly just wanting to get stuck into it. Ah well......

  6. Wow! All of the are pretty...but the first one is very special!

  7. just by looking at your etsy thumbnails i can see such a difference!! well done with the images my fren :))

  8. Hi Flor, thanks for your sweet comments hon - hugz!

    Hi Nicola, I am glad you like my photos and think all the extra effort will be worth while - I know how you feel about wanting to get stuck into some jewellery making - same here, I too will have to wait until tonight before I can take out all my jewellery pliers and bead boxes :) as I have a million and one other things to attend to first :D - hugz Val xo