Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Pendant a Day...

Hi Bloggers...well after the 5 sales in 5 days on Etsy (three alone yesterday) most of my Tree of Life pendants are sold and gone to their new owners, so I have decided to make a Tree of Life pendant every day if possible, while my silver wire supplies last - usually when the kiddies are in bed and hubby and I are sitting in the evenings relaxing and watching TV I bring out my little boxes of beads and my little tools . This one I made while watching that crazy show Ladette to Lady last night (all you Aussies will know the show I am talking about) LOL - this one is made out of European silver plated wire, aluminium wire and 6mm Fire Agate Smooth Polished Beads - I love the extra touch with the little charm/dangle on this one :D

My art studio is still stacked up with boxes (as I have given the space to a close friend who is moving home) so I am unable to pick up the paint brushes for at least another 2 weeks - the moment I get my studio back I plan to paint :D

Hope everyone is happy and well - chat soon buddies, Val xoxo


  1. I'm missed it last night - bummer :-(
    Isn't it sooooo funny!
    Congratulations on all your sales! Well done!

  2. Thanks Dragonfly :D - the Ladettes are mental and so are the teachers LOL - last night was the last episode for the season!

  3. Wow, I am happy that sales are going so well for you! I'm not surprised - your pendants are just exquisite! Hugs, Silke

  4. Woooo Hooo congratulations on your sales!!! You so deserve it, they are fabulous!! xo

  5. Thanks lovely ladies Michele and Silke - I so appreciate you heartwarming comments - take care and chat soon, hugz Val xo

  6. wow!! that's fantastic!! so many sales :))) this new one is really pretty ... love all the pendants with daggly bits.

  7. Hi Luthien, my first dangly charm tree of life pendant sold yesterday, so I am thinking maybe to add these dangly bits more often - thanks for your vote of support, cheers Val xo

    ps cant wait to receive my bookmark :D

  8. Congratulation Val on your sales. WooHooo I am not surprised as your work is exquisite.
    Love them all.

  9. Hi Val,
    Have to say I'm rather fond of dangly bits LOL, though I do think its good to have both. This tree of life looks lovely and the dangle certainly adds to it. Glad I got in when I did and bought the ones I wanted :).

  10. Hi Dors and Sharon - thank you lovely ladies, you are both so very kind.

    You should have the pendants by tomorrow Sharon, make sure you let me know when they arrive :D