Monday, November 30, 2009

Pièce de résistance...

...ok, completed this one last nigtt phew...this one is full of Czech Fire Polished Glass beads in shades of green and blue, there are some Swarovski crystals as well as Watermelon Tourmaline Rondelles and one dangle Water Blue Sapphire Mystic Quartz - the whole pendant is wire wrapped in European silver plated wire (the best wire to work with as far as I am concerned :)

Going back to pack up my little wire tools and beads...but then again, I may do some more :D


  1. Your pendants are getting more and more amazing! love them!

    I nominated you for an award cause you're so talented and sweet!

  2. Hi Patti, thanks so much - your words are heart-warming - thanks too for the Award, much appreciated!

  3. Your Pièce de résistance is lovely. I've only known your wrk for a short time but you seem to have developed your own style - well done.

    ciao for now,
    Elena :)

  4. Hi Elena, thanks so much, your comments are so lovely, I am wearing a smile - chat soon on Twitter buddy :D