Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ah well... that is life... :(

Did I do the right thing? Maybe I should have thought about it longer...

I had a lady from Maine (US) message me over Etsy asking if I could do 50 of these bookmarks for them as each year they send little original keepsakes to their top clients - they would have had to be completed by early February 2010.

So I thought about it...worked out my costs...and decided not to do it! Am I whacked in the head???

I have no problems doing commissions (in fact I just completed 6 tree of life pendants for a lady in Australia) - but 50 bookmarks is a bit too many for my liking as it would have felt like a process line - also, I so have my bookmarks under-priced as is and she wanted a wholesale price, which would have totally brought down the price even more, and my images are diamond glazed into the art trays and its not just a simple things as adding beads, lots of time to do the art trays!- so it would not have been a fun simple thing to do - it would have taken me days and days - something I don't have right now especially since school holidays start in a week in Australia, with Christmas and New Years around the corner etc...

Ah well...that's life...


  1. My motto is, if it doesn't feel right, follow your instinct and that's just what you did! Something else will come up that will be more fun for you and also financially rewarding. Your creations are so beautiful!! Hugs, Silke

  2. Hi Silke - you are right - this order definitely did not feel right - it didn't feel like art to me, felt more like just a production line and that's not what I am about - hugz Val xo

  3. Yeah I would hate to do fifty of the same painting so I can understand where you are coming from. But hey, it is a very nice compliment that she asked you to do it!

  4. Sure is Jade - made me feel great - but then I thought about it a bit and thought, nah this wouldn't be like art, this would be like factory work and decided to decline :D - hope you and bro are well, hugz to you both!

  5. dun stress about it my fren ... sometimes we have to live by what we believe in :)) and stay true to our principles :)) there will be another commission down the line that will take your fancy :))

  6. Don't dwell on it Val. I agree with Silke, you went with your gut feeling. I wouldn't have done it if it were me.

    Something better always comes along, it always does :)

  7. Hey Luthien and Michelle - thanks lovely ladies - I was very undecided earlier but I am feeling great now because I know I have made the right decision. It didn't feel right when I first read the email, instead of being excited about it, I was getting worried - and that was definitely the wrong way to feel! Cheers Val xo

  8. You must choose to do what feels right for you. And of course, you still wanna enjoy your 'work' and not feel like you are mass-producing.
    Go girl - your designs are so beautiful, and I am still getting so much enjoyment from my beautiful dragonfly pendant :-)

  9. Hey Val I agree with Michelle and Silke on this one, go with your gut feeling, if it didn't feel right from the very beginning then it's not meant to be. I think you did what's right for you and that's the right thing!!!

  10. Hi Dragonfly, thanks buddy, I am so glad you are still enjoying the dragonfly pendant :D hugz

    Hi Nicola, yes I agree, no doubt there will be more commissions in the future that I will jump at, not stand back and wonder?! - cheers Val xo

  11. Ciao Val! You already got lots of lovely comments on this post...and I can't really add more to what already hs been said...but you thought it through and you had perfectly good reasons for not doing this commision ^_^!

    I really love the tree of life pendants...and as soon as I have some extra money I will buy one!!

    Take care!

  12. Hey TJ, thanks so much for stopping by - your comments are much appreciated - and thanks so much for liking my Tree of Life pendants hon :D hugz

  13. Good for you dear !!!.. you dont have to "apologize" or feel bad about it either that you said no! Your "heart"said no and thats enough i think it would not brought you the fun like it is now to make them...the pressure to make them intime would not do your lovely creations any good...and the money...oh isn't everything believe me I know...but it is great that the lady asked you to do it...the thought that she liked your creations so much is a priceless compliment...please make some....and i mean one at the of your great creations...and i am too still enjoying my lovely pendant every day...and the pictures of them here...take care Val...♥... Francien.

  14. Hey Val,
    As soon as I read someone from US has ordered fifty, alarm bells were ringing!
    I'm sooo glad you went with your gut feeling and didn't spend all that time, money and effort making them.

    If they were genuine, they'll come back and buy whats made from your store.

  15. Hey Francien, thank you dear friend - I definitely prefer making one of a kind things and 50 of the same would have been 'BLAHHH' - not my cup of tea that's for sure - I must visit your blog today and see all the new goodies you have made - your blog and you always make me smile - hugz Val xoxo

  16. Hi Anna, yes, there were certain parts of the email that didn't sound the best to me - I still haven't heard from her since my email to say thanks but no thanks - definitely the right decision not to do it I don't regret it at all :D

  17. Hi Val,

    Sounds like you have plenty of great wisdom here and I echo their words to you!

    Your work is stunning, you are one very creative and talented lady!

    Thank you for your visit and sweet words.

    Love and hugs,

  18. Hi Karyn, thanks so much for your lovely words and for visiting my blog :D - cheers and all the best, Val xoxo

  19. You are right.
    There should be fun in what you do.
    You had a bad feeling and so it is right to leave it.
    Have a great weekend

  20. Thanks Janine, yes most definitely there should be fun in making our creations :D and not a feeling that you are actually working and dreading it :D - you have a great weekend too buddy :D