Tuesday, December 8, 2009

And one more..."Brown Sugar"....

...LOL...who was I kidding when I said I will take a break from making jewellery - no need to mention that all my pliers and boxes of beads are back out, spread out all over my dining table...


  1. this one is really pretty val :) i love the ring around and how you attach the beads to it!

  2. Hey Val,
    I didn't think your goodies would stay away for long.
    You may like to pop on over to my blog. I've left you an award.

  3. Thanks ladies - I am very proud of this one :D

    Thanks for the award Anna - will be over to you blog asap :D

  4. Hi Val,
    Another gorgeous pendant...I am loving the autumnal colours. I can't keep up with you..(neither can my bloglist it would seem LOL). as everytime I check your latest you've done another one. You are amazing :)
    Hugs Sharon

  5. Hi Sharon - I am supposed to be taking a break from it al - but while the kids are still at school I am still trooping on - gives me something to do plus I need to keep updating my Etsy shop constantly as I have sold so many pieces in the last 2 weeks (must be the Xmas rush and all that) - once the school holidays start (next Friday) I will be very scarce on Blogger, I just no it!

  6. This is gorgeous honey! Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my MJ Ornaments post. I am following you now! Love your creations. So beautiful. Hope you visit again soon. Kori xoxo

  7. Hey Kori, thanks for your lovely words here, they are so very appreciated - I look forward to visiting your blog often as it really has some lovely eye-candy :D cheers Val xo