Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blog Award received :D

Thank you so much Anna and Sue for thinking of me for this award - you will find Anna's beautiful creations here http://annarosadesigns.blogspot.com/ :D and Sue's amazing craftiness here http://sue-niven.blogspot.com/ - please visit these two lovely blogs for inspiration and eye-candy!

I am supposed to pass this blog award onto 10 other great blogs as well as writing down 10 things about myself - so here goes!

1. I love my kids - they are my everything.
2. My hubby is right up there with my kids :D
3. I have an obsessive personality at times, as you can very well see with my jewellery madness - but I am so loving making jewellery now :D
4. My favourite colours: brown, black and blue.
5. My favourite take-away : Chinese!
6. I love shopping for clothes and fun things.
7. My biggest hate: grocery shopping :(
8. Love going on holidays with my family - two holidays a year a MUST!
9. I am a massive bookworm - love a good book whether it be an autobiography, thriller or romance.
10. Love Blogging and Twittering - not too crash hot on FaceBook tho!

OK, these 10 things were straight off the top of my head, no thinking about it, just typing.

Now for 10 other blogs I would like to post this award to - well...I would like ALL my bloggers to take this "Hones Scrap" award - if I follow you that means I love your work - please come along and help yourself to this blog award, you deserve it! I must say I don't like choosing only a small number of blogs to give awards to - I am changing the rules here (sorry, executive decision on its way) - ALL MY FOLLOWERS deserve this award.

ENJOY lovely ladies :D


  1. Hey Val,
    Nice to read more about you!
    Oh, I should have added the grocery shopping to my yukky list as well. I'm thinking of doing groceries on line, have you tried it?

    You're cheeky, *smile* telling bloggers anyone can help themselves, I wish I'd have thought of that. It is so very hard choosing only ten.

  2. Hey Anna, yes, I am definitely cheeky - I love getting awards but hate choosing only a handful of blogs to pass on the awards to - I have done this a few times already and it seems to keep everyone happy (including me:)

    Grocery chopping, grrrr