Thursday, December 24, 2009

OWLS in Antique Brass


  1. Val you have gone over the top with all of this fantastic jewelly pieces. I have just been in your shop looking and down the blog.

    Holy they are gorgeous and so unique.

    Merry Christmas darling.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Warned you dear Val...i am here every day!! and if you are posting more lovely pendants like this and the previous i will be here twice a day now i am free from work for a few Christmas my dear and a very happy 2010!!
    greetings ♥ Francien

  3. Lovely!!! Merry christmas Val! I got some lovely presents from my mum this year, a dvd of jewellry making, two books about all sorts of techniques, one of them is about knitting with wire and a great tool kit as well as some memory wire!!! i'm so keen to get going I don't know where to start :0)

  4. Hello sweet Renee, thank you my lovely Blogger Buddy - hope you have a joyful Christmas with your family - ps thank you for your lovely comments about my jewellery :D

    Hi Francien, I am counting on your comments on my posts, I love reading them, they always put a big smile on my face - have a wonderful few days off and I hope you have an unbelievably great Christmas and a very happy New Year :D

    Hi Nicola, how exciting with all those great Christmas pressies - I can just imagine how bad you would love to make a start. Enjoy my buddy, it is so much fun. Can't wait to see all the new jewellery that you make from these thoughtful gifts - have a great Chrissie - hugz Val