Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Teal & Smoke" Earrings...

... I found some great jewellery components and some great wrapping wire in a shop this weekend and the name of this particular colour is called "Boho Gold" but in actual fact, it looks exactly like antique brass.... so naturally I had to buy some straight away and the first thing I made are these cute earrings...hubby likes them heaps, in fact he suggested I keep them and wear them myself but I am not a jewellery wearing person at all, especially not earrings LOL... so these are listed in my Etsy shop! Drats... I should start getting myself used to heaps of jewellery, considering I have so many pieces made...


  1. The earings are beautiful. Have you kept some of your best?
    I don't wear earings often, even though there's love for earings I feel a bit of a Christmas tree wearing them,lol.
    Which is great for this season, he, he, he.
    Me rabbling again.

    Have a great Christmas Val!



  2. Hi Julie-ann, I have kept a few of my favourite pendants which I have made and I do wear them, but I am not an earrings person...will try to become an earrings person tho - you have a great Christmas too buddy :D - cheers Val xo