Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Vintage Rose pendant :D

...just so sweet this one...


  1. I just love love love your jewelry.. Probably the most wearable and most unique I've come across in a long time.. Just lovely. Trying to decide which i like best to buy as a special gift.

  2. Hi Cori you lovely lady - I have visited your blog and left you are long thank you message for your kind words here - I am still new at this jewellery craft but I love trooping on until I come across a great design - I think the cabochon pendants are going to be my signature pieces now as they are OOAK and no one else is making them - I hope it stays that way too :D

  3. Val, this is wonderful. How on earth you have the patience to create such beautiful, intricate works and have them come out so perfectly!

  4. Hi Nancy, thanks buddy - I am getting more and more experience now making these and I suppose I am getting better at making them :D - this one has such pretty soft colours it fast becoming one of my favourite ones...

  5. Hey Val,
    Of course I love the latest designs coming out of your studio, I just had to let you know.
    Have a great day,

  6. Hugz back at ya Anna - thanks you :D