Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good Morning Blogger Land...

...ah well, feeling slightly less murderous today over my little OWL massacre - but as they say, life goes on - in order to make myself feel better LOL I ended up making these two pendants last night and today they were dry enough to take photos of - they are back on the curing rack now for another day :D

Must tear myself away from my jewellery and the computer in order to do some well needed housework - so once this place is spotless and sparkling with cleanliness, I will be back :D


  1. Thanks Sue - will be cleaning, but it wont be fun LOL

  2. Gorgeous, I love them!
    Have a great today!

    (Sorry about customs, that's just plain old mean.)

  3. Thanks JoMo - hopefully it wont happen again :(

  4. After we hat bad day dear Val you are all flowerly and all heart again as i know you...these are so great...and everybody who loves great jewelery will agree..

    .so...the cleaning has to be done here too..well then.. shoulders straight and though...."talk" to you soon..
    greetings ♥ Francien.

  5. Hi Francien - life goes on :D - no use stressing over something we cannot change - I have however posted your new gift to you and this time the beads are solid so hopefully they wont decide to get a hammer this time to smash the jewellery apart (oh dear, I hope not) - I did a little bit of housework but not nearly enough - no matter, tomorrow is the weekend, will clean some more then :D

  6. Thank's so much for commenting on my blog.
    Love these necklaces, they're adorable.