Sunday, January 10, 2010

Improved DRAGONDLY pendant...

Now this dragonfly pendant was wire wrapped by me, months ago (to see a photo of what the dragonfly looked like before press here ) and looked a bit plain - so I added my secret mediums and layered resin all over it - I think it looks much better than it did in plain metal. What do you think?


  1. Hi Val,
    When I read "improved" I thought who is Val kidding, how can she improve?
    Then I went to your link and checked out the other dragonfly-Oh yeah, it looks great!
    I can see you are having way tooo much fun with the layered resin. lol
    Stay cool,

  2. Hi lovely ladies - thank you :D - I am having way too much fun with the resin - I am actually thinking of doing tutorials for the resin jewellery, will be lots of fun to make - also, the wire wrapped pendants have become very popular lately, so I may even do a tutorial on those as well :D - would be great to share my wire wrapping tricks!