Thursday, January 7, 2010

NEW bits and pieces :D

...well ladies, I am still making this new resin jewellery which has now evolved into an obsession with me - love it love it love it!
There is one thing I don't love at the moment tho and that is that my laptop has 'fried its brains' I think so now I have had to go back to my old 'dinosaurus' desktop computer which, thank goodness, still works like a charm, although it is a little bit slow - but I can live with slow right now as I would be lost without the Internet.
Ah well, time to visit the computing place and take the laptop for a check up!


  1. Just recently discovered your blog and just love all the resin pieces you have been making. Really beautiful, the butterfly is gorgeous.

  2. love your new obsession! Shame about the laptop, but if one a computer had to be repaired, the laptop is easier to carry! I am like you, i cannot live without the internet now,
    Keep on creating

  3. Thanks Davinia and Sue - the laptop had to be "restored to factory settings" - naturally I did not back up the computer so all my photos from the last 9 months are GONE!!! I am so angry with myself - but it has taught me a lesson - now I am backing up everything :(

  4. Poo! Sorry to hear about your computer troubles, that reminds me I should really make sure all my stuff is backed up. I love these resin pieces! Did you teach yourself how to do this too? You are amazing!! Very inspirational!! So much so that I'm determined to teach myself how to knit with wire so that I can try out the patterns in the book that I got for Christmas! I want to some how incorporate that with my art!! Thanks for inspiring me more and more!!! :0)

  5. OH you are so sweet Nicola, I am so glad I am an inspiration to you buddy :D - so many bloggers have inspired me this past year - this resin stuff is also a self taught thing but I must admit that I did purchase one tutorial which worked with resin just so I can see what the proper way is to use it and then I have put my own spin on it - cant wait till your wire jewellery makes an appearance on blogger :D

  6. Well dear...mayby your laptop got overwhelmed with the awesome creations you put in his "head"that it became tomuch!!..good you had the "old"one...better slow than without it at your latest are on a roll...and what a greatone it is...have a nice weekend...
    greetings ♥ Francien.

  7. Val, we would so miss you too. You're jewelry, wow! You are creating them so beautiful just like your paintings. Remind me of stain glass windows.

    Have a great weekend!



  8. Wow!!! Butterflys too now! Love em :-)
    Have a great weekend. Sorry to hear about your computer troubles ..... they can be so stressful. Lucky you have your creative side to 'escape' too!

  9. I love your new pieces. You are so creative.