Saturday, January 23, 2010

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS coming to an end...

Hello Bloggerville, hope everyone is well and happy :D

School holidays are coming to an end with just another week to go before my munchkins are back at school - they are looking forward to is as well as I LOL.

The last five weeks have flown by due to all the festive days and many family gatherings - January is just about over :O

I am please to say that Francien, the lady who was the second winner of my giveaway, the poor lady whose owl pendant was hacked to bits by customs, has finally received my replacement gift and it is in perfect condition - YAY!

Also, the photo above is of my latest piece - I seem to be leaning towards "chunky" jewellery at the moment - with me its either very "dainty" or the total opposite, "chunky" - its all good tho :D

I am waiting to receive another 5 or 6 jewellery supply packages from the US and hopefully they will arrive this week as I am fast running out of material - I think, once this lot arrives, that will be it for a while - I will use the new bits and pieces until they run out and then, FINALLY, I think I will go back to doing a few paintings - I have a few ideas which have been floating around my head these last few weeks and I am looking forward to putting them down on canvas :D

Also, I am planning on having another giveaway once I reach 200 followers - I am thinking of giving away one of my resin lockets in the color of the winner's choice - I think that will be fun!

OK then, must go now, have promised the kids an outing at the local shopping centre as they have a few toys in mind!

Cheers all and chat soon - hugz Val xo


  1. Wow Val,
    You are one busy lady...have been offline so to speak and you've made so many lovely pendants :)
    Hugs, Sharon

  2. Hi Sharon, thanks buddy - have been quite busy, juggling jewellery making and entertaining the kids too - but its all fun and games! My daughter sits next to me and makes bracelets and necklaces out of my most expensive beads LOL - but then she loses interest quick and I get my beads back LOL

  3. Chunky jewellery is good! I really like them tho I can't wear them as I'm quite petite in size.. they look way bigger than they should on me! *cries*

  4. LOL oh no - never mind, you can find petite jewellery that will look great on you :D

  5. That is a lovely pendant again. Sweet and elegant.

  6. Hi Val, loving the chunky piece!! You manage to pump out so much work!!! Lovely!!! :0)

    I'm looking forward to seeing some paintings too. I'll miss my little man when he goes back to school next week but I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine it's alot easier to organise myself when I only have one at home!

  7. Hi Janine and Nocola - thanks for you kind words :D

    Yes, kiddies back at school - I think everyone is missing routine here, the kids mostly, they are so looking to going back on Monday :D

  8. It is really very beautiful and my wife will definitely like it. These are so much amazing jewellery here and I am getting so much new things. Thanks...
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  9. Yes dear Val...I am so happy arrived safely without been opened.tG...its a lovely necklace with the matching pretty!!..and those colors are awesome..i told you already in a mail that i will post a picture on my blog end of this week as soon as my camera is working again...Thank you again..and a next give-away??? oh no...i will stay as far away from your blog that day....enough is enough...i cost you "a arm and a leg" again my dear...for the lovely owl and the new set...
    greetings ♥ Francien.

  10. Your are most welcome Francien - I am so glad that finally a gift arrived without being wrecked!!!