Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ANOTHER STORM - another 3 inches of rain...

Well, the forecasted storm has once again hit Bacchus Marsh - this one lasted 35 minutes of pouring rain, lightning and thunder that cut our electricity - right now I am typing this on my laptop and my battery hasn't got a long I will try and be quick - I just had to share this as I have never seen anything like this in my life (apart from yesterday afternoon :)

This is a picture taken through the sliding doors into my backyard - on the right hand side of the photo, you will see a spout of water... that is water backing up in one of the downpipes from the roof - the photo does not show the actual rain drops (my camera is crappy) - the rain is pelting down in this shot.

This is my front yard, circular drive, under water - lovely right :)

This is a dam on our 40 acres which was empty yesterday... now its full and will break its banks soon as there is so much water still coming into it - it should overflow into the paddocks, which is OK.

This is apparently a huge storm front so we are expecting part two shortly - UNBELIEVABLE!!!


  1. Gosh Val,
    That is amazing. I know its also raining here but no where near that much!
    Well if it filled your dam, you must have really needed it.
    Good to see our gardens have a nice soak.
    Keep up the great work, I love seeing what's next!

  2. Living in Washington State where we get a lot of rain I can sympathize but we get a lot of rain but not all at once like that. That is a lot of water.

  3. Hi Anna and Dana - I have never seen rain like that in my life, and that was two days straight worth of storms here - its great that we got such a good soaking and I hope the rain continues and that the drought has finally broken :D