Monday, February 8, 2010

GOATS MILK soap - looks magic

...this is my newest batch of homemade soap - this one is a lovely white base soap with the addition of Goats Milk which is excellent for problematic skin - I love it - it looks very tropical, a bit like ice-cream, but that's just me playing around with my colours, did not want to leave it plain white. I have fragranced this batch with a touch of Gardenia and Honeysuckle, just a hint of fragrance in this one :D

Its funny how popular these soaps have become amongst my family and friends - I end up giving away half of the soap I make LOL, a bit of deja vu for me - that's the same thing which was happened when I first started painting - maybe I will decide very soon to throw some home made soaps into my pot of Etsy goodies :D

Anyway, don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY for the resin love heart locket - here is the link

Cheers and chat soon buddies - ~HUGZ~


  1. Mmmmm! I can almost smell the soap from here!
    Looks so beautiful!

  2. Thanks Julie-ann - can't wait to use this one, will have to let them cure for a few weeks :(

  3. SOAP?!?! You never cease to amaze me!! Do you have a recipe you use for your soap that you might share? I've been wanting to make soap, but it seems sort of complicated to me. Is it?! Hugs, dear friend!! Silke

  4. oooh, I love handmade soap! this looks good enough to eat! Your Jewelry is a beautiful as your art! Thanks for your visit! :D

  5. Hi Val,
    Been a while since I've been blogging.
    Gosh you have been a busy gal. Lovely to see all these gorgeous pieces come out of your studio, jewellery shop and now soap shop.
    Oh yummy, did you say "your going to sell soaps" I'll be in that.
    Do you make soap for fishermen? Apparently it has an aniseed scent and the fish love it. I've heard about it, hunted for it but can't find it.
    Chat soon,

  6. Hello lovely ladies, thank you all for stopping by and leaving your wonderful comments :D

    Silke, this is the website I went to and they have some amazing recipes for home made soap with all the safety and step by step instructions - I started off with their easiest recipes but have moved on to more intricate ones now :D - let me know if you decided to make any soap

    Great to have your back Anna - no, I have never heard of the fisherman's soap, sounds interesting! Perhaps just googling it may bring something up.

    So far, I have not sold any soaps, the ones I make are for my family and all the freebies I give to family and friends - its something I am considering tho :D

    cheers and hugs to you all xo

  7. Wow Val!!! These look great!! Is there anything you can't do? ;0) I think the addition of these to your shop is a great idea!!!!

  8. Hi Nicola - I usually say I am a "Jack of All Trades, Master of None" LOL - I love to dabble in everything - I may just start selling soap as well on Etsy, the only problem is, where will I get the extra time to squeeze that in LOL

  9. Do sell your hand made soaps! They do indeed look delicious!

  10. Thanks for your vote of confidence Sue - but between my artwork and my jewellery, and now soap, I will need to build an extra few room LOL - my poor hubby :)