Wednesday, February 10, 2010


just a few of my newest pendant, just listed on Etsy :D

Thought I would let you guys know what took place yesterday in my little town of Bacchus Marsh - we actually made the national news - a massive downpour - 3 inches of rain in 40 minutes - I have never seen anything like it in my life - the roads were rivers, the shopping center roof collapsed, flooded shops - I picked the kids up from school but we had to sit in the car for about 20 minutes waiting for the heavens to ease up - on the forecast, today is predicted to be even worse - my hubby and I have taken the sale cloth down in our backyard as they are also forecasting stronger winds and more rain than yesterday - WOW, hope there is no damage to property today, remains to be seen what happens...

On a brighter note, I will be drawing a winner for the giveaway in the next few days - if you haven't entered yet, just scroll down a few posts and you will see the GIVEAWAY post for the VINTAGE LOVE HEART LOCKET :D


  1. Love these new ones Val. and OMG we are dying in heat on this side of the bay what the deuce happened to your side LOL God gave you a years worth of rain in one hit.

  2. Hey Jade, he actually gave us 5 years worth of rain in one hour - you know how terrible it looks this side of Melbourne, everything brown and wilted - even today, already, things are looking GREEEEEEEEEN YAY

  3. hi Jade,

    Gorgeous work as usual..Thanks for this opportunity :) to see you art..:)

  4. You are very welcome, thank you Venetian Glass xo

  5. Tghis flower- locket is lovely and unique, like all your jewellery.

  6. Wow Val, we've had a little rain but nothing like you! These new pieces are absolutely gorgeous, how do you make them? Are they painted? They are just so pretty!!!

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  8. It is simply breathtaking. Your pieces are one of a kind treasures. Thank you for sharing.

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  9. What a great achievement to have your work recognized, and to be able to share your inspiration with others.

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