Friday, March 12, 2010

ETSY...a few things which are a MUST for me...

...its early on Saturday morning here in sunny Bacchus Marsh...its just the way isn't it...I look forward to my sleep ins on the weekends yet here I am at 7.30am, wide awake, drinking my coffee and reading blogs...well, its a pretty good way to start off my weekend...but I wish I was asleep :D

Anyway, I have been reading through a few blogs and came across one which is a post on Etsy v eBay...very good post I thought I might do one on the things I have learnt about selling on Etsy these last few months.

After a very slow start in March 2009, I put my Etsy shop on vacation for months and went back to Zibbet and eBay...but in November last year I decided to end those two selling sites and move to Etsy has been the best move I ever made.

To this day tho I believe eBay is (for me anyway) a better site to sell original artwork but when it comes to jewellery Etsy wins hands down!

I am getting close to my 80th sale on Etsy, and that is just in the last 3 months of selling...these are the things I have learnt in that time...

1. GREAT PHOTOS are a must...a camera with a macro setting will give you those lovely detailed close up photos that sell your items so well...considering that the buyer only has a few photos to go by, those photos better be clear enough and attractive enough for that buyer to purchase your work...I found that once I bought my new camera with a macro setting and redone all my photos my sales started happening :D

2. RE-LISTING also keeps your items near the top of the searches...I try and re-list once a day, maybe 5 items all up...that brings my expenses up to a $1.00 a day which is a small price to pay to bring buyers to my shop...even better than re-listing old items is to list new items daily, even if it is only one or two new items per day :D

3. FREE SHIPPING has done wonders for me - once a week I will put a shop announcement on my Etsy shop, telling buyers about limited free shipping and that brings in more sales for shipping for me costs $2.10 and domestic shipping is only $1.10 - I find that is a small amount to lose in order to make a few extra sales.

4. FREE GIFTS are always (or most often than not) included with every sale - I have made so much jewellery and some of that jewellery I am not 100% happy with, therefore I will not sell it but I am happy to enclose a piece of it with every purchase as a thank you gift...this keeps my buyers so happy that most of them have become return buyers now and that makes me happy!

5 KEEPING THE BUYER IN THE LOOP - I always send convos. to all the buyers, thanking them for the purchase and letting them know when I have posted their item and when they can expect to receive it...this keeps them happy and I am always getting great feedback on my customer service :D

OK...that about does it...I am by no means an expert on selling on Etsy considering I have only been there a few months...but the above is just something that I have found helps me sell my creations...I hope this post has been helpful to you...

OK my Blogger Buddies, it was great chatting to you this morning...cheers to everyone, Val xo


  1. Thanks for commenting on the ebay vs etsy post and shearing your experiences with both. And I love your art style and your jewelry is very pretty. The butterfly and dragonfly ones are my favorite.

  2. Thanks Julie, your kind words are much appreciated :D

  3. Hey Val,
    I would have been right here with you had my sons mate not been sleeping over!
    Ah, great pieces of jewellery!
    Great post on Ebay versus Etsy. If I ever going into selling I'll be sure to take your advice.
    Have a great warm weekend,

  4. Thank Anna - I think my body and mind were in great "shock" this morning because I was up so early - sort of trying to fill my early morning time with this post - the post is based on my own findings and no doubt each person will have a list of their own MUST dos for selling on certain sites :D

    Have a great sunny day too buddy!

  5. thanks so much for sharing your sellers tips Val : ) Love your jewellery & art. I am on Etsy - only new...lots to manage - Madeit and Etsy : )all the online and making - yet its fun! I will give a bit more of a go to Etsy - I just joined the BrisStyle Team - hoping that will help too. I see you are on dust. All the best

  6. Love you artwork & jewellery Val. Tks so much for your sellers tips on Etsy - I have a shop there too as well as Madeit - considering what I will do there...I have joined the etsy Brisstyle Street team (like Dust but for Qld) hope that helps too.
    You are so inspiring! I think you have just inspired me to pick up a brush which has been a dream for lets say a while:) best wishes

  7. Hi Lillipilly Lane, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comments - good luck with all the new sites you have joined, I know I have my hands full with just a few that I am a member of but it is all fun and lovely when the sales start happening :D

  8. great tips, Val. i haven't done much at all with my Etsy shop since i opened it last year and i'm still in two minds about whether or not to keep it open. you've given me something to think about. have you tried Madeit at all. its a site exclusively for aussie artists and has a really nice vibe and community. not nearly as big as etsy (which may not be a bad thing), but is fantastic for the fact that it's for aussies only. and makes it really easy to buy because it is in A$ :)

  9. Hi Tracy, thanks for letting me know about Madeit - I have heard of it but never took the time to see what its like and I plan to go on there the moment I finish this post to you :D

    Etsy was very dead for me for months and months until I started concentrating on it 100%, it seems to be paying off now - good luck with your Etsy shop budd -cheers Val xo

  10. thanks for the tip, Val. do check out madeit, it's a really nice site and Bec is going all out to promote it. there is a madeit facebook page and she is on twitter also. :)

  11. Thanks for the post Val. I have been putting off getting an online shop started. There are so many options anymore it is hard to know where to start. I keep thinking about the shipping, taxes, maintenance, the best venue/site and so many other things that I'm worn out before I begin. I am torn between Etsy and ArtFire right now. Madeit isn't apparently an option since I live in the states. Enjoying your blog! Connie

  12. Hi Tracy, I have had a look at the Madeit site and it looks very very promising - may just open up a shop there with a few items and just see how I go - thank you for the advice :D

    Hi Connie, yes, there are so many sites out there that it becomes very confusing - I did my fair share of opening up stores, then closing them, then re-opening them was very tiring and frustrating. In the end, I decided to stick with Etsy - now I may also have a look into Madeit as well - good luck with it all :D

  13. Hi Val, thanks for sharing those pointers!!! Your beautiful pendants arrived on Friday I can't wait to give it to my mum for her birthday and thank you for the free goodie for me too!!! oxoxo

  14. Hi Nicola, so glad to hear that the little package arrived so promptly :D EXCELLENT!!! Thank you for shopping with me xoxo

  15. thanks for the visit and all these great tips!! gorgeous jewelry

  16. Thank you for that precious hints.
    Good luck for you, may your etsy shop allways be a great success

  17. Thank you Janine and your are always welcome buddy !